what is amplified world type in minecraft

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What do you think of the "Amplified" world generation?

What do think of the "Amplified" world generation function in Mi – Single Choice

Potato. 0.o 4.9% Never tried it. 9.8% I hate it. Vehemently. The only thing it's good for is trolling. 2.4% no. no. NO. NO!! It SUCKS! Abomination of world generation! >:( 2.4% Meh. My computer's too crappy. 2.4% Well, its ok. Cool idea but… DUH LAGZ -_- 7.3% Pretty cool. Not bad. 39% YES!! Super Uber epic!! 31.7%

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The title says it all! What do you think of the “Amplified” world generation function in Minecraft?

I, personally, enjoy it. It creates some really weird and wonderful natural structures. It”s so scenic. I think it”s beautiful. And the cave systems are awesome.


Overall I like it. I used it for the first season of my hardcore series, but it was too difficult to explore and build on so I don”t use it anymore.

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An Amplified Mushroom Island is pretty cool.

I agree it gets really hard to explore. Sometimes it”s really hard to even get out of your starting position, if you started on a floating island at y=250 or something.

By the way, even in Amplified, a Swamp biome is still quite flat. So you might consider settling there.
Coal Miner Join Date: 9/23/2012 Posts: 141 Minecraft: Unfortunately, itsCJR_4 Xbox: cjr413 PSN: Don't have a playstation Member Details
I don”t know. I can”t honestly see myself having fun playing on an amplified world. I am a huge realism freak (weird, considering minecraft is not realistic at all), and the amplified terrain just doesn”t seem plausible at all. Plus, transportation is really hard.
Enderdragon Slayer Join Date: 10/6/2013 Posts: 11,406 Minecraft: TheMasterCaver Member Details
I think it is too extreme, and caves aren”t actually any different from your standard (tiny) 1.7 caves; maybe some extra caves in the mountains (with only coal) but otherwise identical for the same seed (as verified using Unmined, this also applies to large biomes; the world seed is the only factor). That said, some of the mountains are amazing but looks != playability; something in between would be better (possible with the customize world option in 1.8), or as I”ve modded it myself (most standard biomes min/max height equivalent to hills biomes, and in turn those are higher than normal hills, so really “big” mountains (up to y=120 or so) are still confined to parts of individual biomes, not everywhere, but hills/smaller mountains elsewhere).

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Why do I still play in 1.6.4?

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Eh, It”s okay. My old dusty laptop could run it at a solid 30FPS no problem. I haven”t tried it on my new computer, I just never found the appeal of it. Just default terrain that”s more hilly. Such a pain to build in and I just never think “How about amplified this time?” when making a world.
None of the answers suit me. I actually didn”t have too much trouble with lag, but it”s just too hard to get around to be fun. I don”t hate it, I just get tired of <jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><eat><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><eat>
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