What Is Biome Blend Minecraft Biome Blend, Game Settings Guide

Changing your settings, key binds, and audio can enhance your enjoyment of Minecraft better! Here is a quick guide on the settings, what they do to the game, & some recommendations to make your gameplay smoother!


FOV: Quake Pro (Highest)



Allows you to change difficulty of the game between Peaceful, Easy, Normal and Hard. Cannot be changed if playing Hardcore mode, or when playing on a server.

Realms Notifications

Turning this setting on will allow you to receive updates about Realms, as well as new blog posts about Realms. A newspaper icon will appear next to Micecraft Realms in the home screen if there are new notifications.

Video Settings Explained

Fullscreen Resolution


This changes your game”s screen resolution. It”s always best to match your game”s resolution to the maximum resolution your display device can handle. Setting it lower can reduce the sharpness of the image. However, feel free to turn this down if your game stutters or slows down.



Allows you to change how much detail and effects are displayed. “Fancy” allows rendering of effects such as transparent leaves and more rain particles. “Fast” disables these effects for better performance.

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Smooth Lighting


This setting changes how light affects the surfaces of objects in the game world. Turning this off will result to a flat looking environment, while switching this to Minimum or Maximum adds a bit of complexity and depth to the lighting.

Smooth Lighting Comparison



Use VSync

This setting limits the number of frames per second to match your screen”s refresh rate, which eliminates screen tearing. However, this can also increase input lag on slower or older hardware.

GUI Scale


This increases the size of the graphical user interface (GUI), basically the size of the text and buttons that appear on your screen and HUD. The amount of options depend on your screen”s resolution as well. The higher the GUI setting, the larger the elements appear.


Increases or decreases the game”s brightness and how dark surfaces will appear with in-game lighting.


Sets whether Minecraft plays in fullscreen mode. Turning this off will run Minecraft in a window.

Mipmap Levels

This changes the smoothness of rendered textures. The higher the level, the more they”ll appear smoother.

Biome Blend


This sets how complex the the game environment biomes are rendered together. The lower the setting, the simpler the biomes are rendered, while a higher setting allows rendering of multiple biome elements in an area.

Biome Blend Comparison



Changes how far the game world can be rendered. The lower the setting, the less farther the game is rendered, while higher settings renders objects from afar.

Render Distance Comparison

2 Chunks (Lowest)


Max Framerate

Sets the maximum number of frames per second your GPU can render. It”s always best to match this with the refresh rate of your monitor. The higher the setting, the smoother the animations and movement will be.

View Bobbing

Turning this off disables the simulated head bobbing movement of your character”s point of view while moving.

Attack Indicator


Changes where the attack indicator is displayed. Turning this off disables attack indicators. Setting this to “Crosshair” puts the attack indicator next to the crosshair, while setting this to “Hotbar” displays the indicator to the right of the hotbar.

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This setting changes how clouds are rendered in the game. “Fast” renders clouds flat while “Fancy” renders clouds in 3D. Setting this “Off” disables clouds entirely.

Clouds Comparison




Toggles various particle effects, such as particles from lava, rain and water drips.

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Entity Shadows

This toggles shadow effects cast by creatures in the game world.

Entity Shadows Comparison


Master Volume Volume control for all sounds
Music Volume control for game music
Weather Volume Control for weather sound effects such as rain and thunder
Hostile Creatures Volume control for enemy creatures
Players Volume control for player sounds
Voice / Speech Volume control for speech
Jukebox / Noteblocks Volume control for music and sounds played from Jukeboxes and Note Blocks
Blocks Volume control for blocks sound effects
Friendly Creatures Volume control for friend and passive creatures
Ambient / Environment Volume control for ambient and environment sound effects such as cave sounds etc.
Show Subtitles Determines whether subtitles are displayed. Toggle between ON and OFF.

Skin Customization Settings

Enable Your Custom Skins & Vanity Items

Cape Determines whether your cape is displayed
Left Sleeve Determines whether left arm sleeve second layer is displayed
Left Pants Leg Determines whether left arm pants second layer is displayed
Hat Toggles whether hat is shown
Jacket Determines whether jacket is displayed
Right Sleeve Determines whether right arm sleeve second layer is displayed
Right Pants Leg Determines whether right arm pants second layer is displayed
Main Hand Switches main hand whether left or right

Control Settings

Key Mapping

Function Key
Jump Space
Sneak Left Shift
Sprint Left Ctrl
Strafe Left A
Strafe Right D
Walk Backwards S
Walk Forwards W
Attack / Destroy Left Mouse Button
Pick Block Middle Mouse Button
Use Item / Place Block Right Mouse Button
Drop Selected Item Q
Hotbar Slot 1 1
Hotbar Slot 2 2
Hotbar Slot 3 3
Hotbar Slot 4 4
Hotbar Slot 5 5
Hotbar Slot 6 6
Hotbar Slot 7 7
Hotbar Slot 8 8
Hotbar Slot 9 9
Open / Close Inventory E
Swap Item in Hands F
Load Toolbar Activator (Creative) X
Save Toolbar Activator (Creative) C
List Players (Mutliplayer) Tab
Open Chat (Mutliplayer) T
Open Command (Mutliplayer) Forward Slash (/)
Advancements L
Highlight Players (Spectators) (Blank)
Take Screenshot F2
Toggle Cinematic Camera (Blank)
Toggle Fullscreen F11
Toggle Perspective F5

Mouse Settings & Control Settings

Setting Description
Auto-Jump Toggles whether your character jumps when you are near a wall
Sensitivity Sets how sensitive your mouse movements will be
Invert Mouse Sets whether mouse movement will be inverted vertically
Scroll Sensitivity Sets how sensitive your scroll wheel movements will be
Discrete Scrolling Toggles whether scrolling is done in increments
Touchscreen Mode Enables you to interact with on-screen items using your touchscreen

Resource Packs Settings

Customize The Look Of Your Game


Resource packs allow you to customize how Minecraft looks in your game without modifying any of the game”s code.

Other Settings & Options

Language Settings


Allows you to change how the in-game chat is displayed in the game.

Setting Description
Chat Toggles whether chat on the server is displayed. Choose between Shown, Commands Only, or Hidden
Web Links Toggles whether URL is displayed or blocked in the chat
Chat Text Opacity Changes transparency of the chat
Scale Changes how large or small the chat it
Focused Height The maximum height the chat appears when in focus
Reduced Debug Info Reduces information on the debug screen
Narrator Toggles the narrator, whether to narrate all text, text in char, or text in menus
Colors Allows you ti display the chat in multiple color or in gray color
Prompt On Links Toggles whether a prompt appears when you click on a URL in the chat
Text Background Opacity Changes the transparency of the text background in the chat
Width How wide the chat will appear
Unfocused Height The maximum height the chat appears when not in focus
Command Suggestions Toggles whether command suggestions are displayed or not

Accessibility Settings


These settings allow ease of access and use for certain functions as needed. These settings can be found also in other option categories as well.

Setting Description
Narrator Toggles the narrator, whether to narrate all text, text in char, or text in menus
Show Subtitles Determines whether subtitles are displayed. Toggle between ON and OFF.
Text Background Opacity Changes the transparency of the text background in the chat
Text Background Toggles whether the background is used for chat
Auto-Jump Toggles whether your character jumps when you are near a wall

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