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Thimble – I”ll explain more soonEOTW: Where it”s the End of the World/Map and all factions go raidable and fight to the death for a final winner!Why should wtbblue.com Implement this?To be completely honest wtbblue.com should add this since most of our playerbase likes the gamemode. And if some of our playerbase doesn”t even know what it is then it doesn”t hurt for them to learn right? This could be a gamemode that someone was dying to play for but never knew it existed. wtbblue.com should add this because I feel as it”ll increase the player base by a decent amount. Also I feel as HCF Advertisements are WAY cheaper than to buy someone for regular factions.This would be something new for wtbblue.com, and since there is so many suggestions about this gamemode I feel it really puts the hook on the ground for seeing what the community wants.ImplementionThis isn”t a word but it is now, ecks dee.Anyway, Obviously this gamemode will take some time and testing if you want it to be completely correct. I would say this creation would take a couple of months since the Developers have to maintain Factions as well. (Unless we hire Devs who specify in HCF)Current ProblemsProblems that avoided HCF from being implemented before;Toxicity.

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Since HCF and Factions ARE completely different (chat wise) HCF does have a downside to it. Sadly, Some of the HCF Community is Toxic. Bringing Toxicity on a server that hasn”t been TOO TOXIC would kinda ruin it. But you know, There is only one way to find out if this theory is correct. That”s to test it.HCF ExtrasSo In HCF Their is other things included that makes HCF such a cool gamemode.For instance, Their is Such thing as a claiming wand.A Claiming wand basically helps claims faction land for you. With the claiming wand (it”s usually a Diamond or Gold Hoe) you left click the first position and right click the second position. It”s similar to world edit if some of you know what I am talking about.Subclaims. Subclaims are really handy especially if you want everything organized for your faction.Subclaims are basically privated chest for you, your faction members, or Captains (and co leaders if that will be implemented.)In order to make / “activate” a subclaim you must have a sign and a chest (can be a double chest)On the first line you”re going to want to do this;Then for the second line you”ll want to say the people on the subclaim.VehqziThen on the third line (which is optional) you can put whatever is in there.ValuablesI personally love subclaims and It would seem super cool to implement into regular factions also instead of accessing land.HCF RulesHCF Rules. What I mean by this is that these are the typical rules that may get you banned in the future if we do decide to do Hardcore Factions on wtbblue.com.I”ll be listing them down below:Hacked ClientsUnfair Modifications such as XrayGriefingBlock Glitching – Trying to hit someone by breaking the glass and hitting them.Exploiting any glitchesInsidingKicking and Killing a new member.Joining then leaving to kill another old fac member.These are basically some of the rules but their is so much more that I could thing of but I”d like to keep this part short.AdvertisingNow this discussion is usually something I wouldn”t talk about to the community since we can”t do anything about it if you think about it. So this part is really for lemon and for Annie to see and to decide.Advertising. Advertising on HCF is surprisingly cheap. Since I have lots of past experiences and past servers that I”ve advertised I know a thing or two about adverts.In advertising you have 3 Types of ways to do it.TrailerYouTuberOr a YouTuber coming on announcing when to come play etc..For Trailers I personally recommend Resilience as he makes bomb trailers but he”s pretty costy. Trailer really isn”t necessary but it sure does make us look bad ass if you think about it! For a YouTuber, This part isn”t that bad unless you find the wrong person to do it.You really want to find someone who actually plays and records instead of just pvp at end or something.I personally recommend letting youtubers to record on here with pay with 9k + YouTubers I don”t advise to get to play:VerzideAvery / TewChainz(more to be added)Some of you must be wondering “WHY NOT THEY”RE GOOD!?!” Well if you go on TewChainz channel you”ll basically find just pvp and if he is playing an HCF Server it”s just pvp. and for Verzide it”s the exact samething.You want to find a YouTuber who plays the server and lets their viewers know what type of godly server this will be.Next, YouTubers coming on and announcing to play.Basically you pay a YouTuber and give them a “Skript” to basically advertise your server. Lot”s of people recommend these adverts since you actually have to get the YouTuber on and I feel as it”s more of better way to announce it. They usually ask if you want like a clickbait title or not (just for views) so when the user clicks on the video they”ll think they”re watching someone vs stimpay or gazemcgee but they”re actually watching our trailer or that specific Youtuber announcing to come play.ConclusionBasically I made this thread to get others opinions and to show others who didn”t know what HCF Was. If wtbblue.com implemented this gamemode we”ll increase in player size.HCF Is a gamemode that”s growing in the minecraft community.I suggested this because I know this would help wtbblue.com.Some of you may know me as an HCF Owner from previous servers (wont get into that) I also do feel I could help make this happen with suggestions and with other tips etc..I hope you guys/girls feel the same way I do about implementing HCF to wtbblue.com as it could be the future of a good server.PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE ANY THOUGHTS/QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS FEEL FREE TO COMMENT OR TO PM ME PRIVATELY.

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