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Minecraft's entire world generation is dependent on the world seed. Everything from the ore generation to structure generation varies from one seed to another seed.

Seeds are a combination of letters or numbers used by Minecraft players to generate worlds. Usually, the game chooses a random seed out of 18 quintillion seeds. However, players can also specify seeds before generating a world.

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Players can create worlds with rare structures, valuable loot or anything they want at spawn using pre-found seeds.

This article lists some fantastic seeds that both Bedrock and Java Edition players can use for their new Minecraft worlds.

Amazing seeds for Minecraft 1.17 in August 2021

5) Hidden stronghold under massive village

Seed: 2166565

Village and stronghold together (Image via Seed map)

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is famous for its strange village generation. While it isn't common, now and then, players discover some broken village seeds. In this Bedrock seed, players can find a huge plain village with 23 houses.

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Under this massive village, players can find a stronghold. The village is south of the spawn point at X: 616 Z: 1032.

4) Lonely island with a shipwreck

Seed: 6177572600345522852

Deserted island (Image via Minecraft)

In this Java seed, players spawn on a deserted island in the middle of an ocean. Luckily, this island has some trees and a shipwreck. Players who want to play survival island or create a roleplay story can try this seed.

Under this island, players can find two ravines: one waterlogged and the other empty. From these ravines, players can get various ores like iron, gold, copper and diamond.

3) Desert oasis

Seed: 979801021

Desert oasis (Image via Minecraft)

This java seed features a beautiful generation of jungle biomes in the middle of a massive desert. Under the oasis, players can find a zombie spawner and a spider spawner. The surrounding desert also contains multiple desert temples.

2) Village with three blacksmiths

Seed: -340214920744256955

Triple blacksmiths (Image via Minecraft)

Blacksmith houses are every speedrunner's delight. In this Java seed, players can find three blacksmiths in a single village, but that's not the only good thing. This village is right next to spawn and has enough obsidian to build a Nether portal.

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After going into the Nether realm, players can go north to find a fortress and southwest to discover a bastion remnant.

1) Vast survival island

Seed: -2108063506

A beautiful island (Image via Minecraft)

In this Bedrock seed, players can discover a massive island populated with trees and surrounded by sea on all sides. The island can be divided into one main island and multiple small islands surrounding the mainland.

Players will spawn on a beach south of the island. They can craft a boat and sail north to discover this lovely island. Two buried treasures, a ruined portal and multiple amethyst geodes can be found on the island.

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and reflects the opinions of the writer.

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