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Speedrunning has become an increasingly popular way for Minecraft players to test their in-game abilities. All they need to do to secure a place on the World Record Board is kill Minecraft’s ender dragon as quickly as possible.

There are a few ways that players can do a Minecraft speedrun. They can either set a specific seed to start themselves out on better footing, or leave the world generation up to chance.

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But with players all over the globe rushing to kill the ender dragon and earn their spot on Minecraft’s record boards, what seeds are the best?

Top 5 Minecraft 1.17.1 seeds for speedrunning

5) Random seed

A view of one of Minecraft

Speedrunners looking to build their skills can always roll the dice and use one of the game's randomly generated seeds. Practice makes perfect, and this will give them plenty of experience.

Platform: Any

4) Desert seed (-1996074502918126134)

An image of one of Minecraft

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This seed places speedrunners next to a desert biome. From their spawn point, players should be able to see one of Minecraft's ruined portals. They should also be able to dig and find an abandoned mineshaft, which has a stronghold connected to it.

Platform: Java

Mineshaft Coordinates: (100, -100)

3) Village (1156391694)

An image of Minecraft

Speedrunners using this Minecraft seed will find themselves facing a village. It will be full of useful loot such as food and obsidian, those who find themselves next to the village's well can also dig down and find a stronghold.

Platform: Bedrock

2) Portaler's paradise seed (2483313382402348964)

An image of a Minecraft ruined portal. (Image via Minecraft)

The seed places speedrunners in one of Minecraft's spruce forest villages. With easily accessible chests of obsidian and a ruined portal just a quick sprint away, players familiar with this seed can easily enter Minecraft's nether.

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Interestingly, they can also make a quick exit to find an easily-accessible end portal.

Platform: Java

1) World record seed (-3294725893620991126)

An image of a chest

Ranking in at #1 on our list, -3294725893620991126 is the seed of choice for many of Minecraft's record holding speedrunners. It starts the player off by spawning them in a village.

With a chest of obsidian and an iron pickaxe within arm's reach, this seed gives speedrunners easy-access to the nether. They can quickly traverse and leave to find an end portal.

Platform: Java

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