what is the best minecraft shaders for low end pc

There are a number of Minecraft shaders that can be run with Intel HD graphics to ramp up the beauty of the Minecraft world, all without sacrificing performance.

Not everyone has the luxury of owning a high-powered PC with the most up-to-date graphics card on the market. However, that does not mean that a Minecraft player may be out of luck when it comes to experiencing the feel of higher quality graphics in-game.

Reading: what is the best minecraft shaders for low end pc

A lot of gamers actually play on a less than ideal to the average PC, but there is a way for them to enjoy the benefits of a shader in Minecraft. This article will be showcasing some of the best Minecraft shaders that can be utilised using only Intel HD graphics.

5 Best Minecraft Shaders for Intel HD graphics and low-end PCs


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SFLP is the magnum opus for low-end PCs and everyday graphics cards. The acronym used for this shader packs name, actually stands directly for “Shaders for Low-End PCs”. Minecraft gamers looking for some enhanced graphics and effects, will be able to achieve their goals without losing ridiculous amounts of FPS. The consideration paid here for everyday gamers, really makes this shader worth checking out.

#2 Chocapic13's

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Chocapic13's Shaders is a great choice for even some of the lowest range PCs. This lightweight shader pack was designed to maintain decent quality even at the lowest possible settings. Features such as clouds, volumetric fog, shadow filtering, shadow quality, translucency, and water quality are still present with the lowest settings with this Minecraft texture pack.

#3 Sildur's

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Sildur's Shaders is one of the most used Minecraft shader packs available to the gaming public. The results of using this shader pack to it's upmost potential creates breathtaking and stunning visuals. However, even without the best PC in the world, there are lighter versions of this pack that can be utilized by Minecraft players. A player can tinker with the settings to determine the best balance between visuals and performance for their specific needs.

#4 DocteurDread's

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DocteurDread's Shaders has a lite version that is specifically designed for the average computer. There is no need for a powerhouse gaming rig here. This shader pack will increase the visuals and graphics of the game without causing the player to severly lag or make Minecraft unplayable.

#5 Werrus

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Werrus Shaders is a little less known than many of the others on this list, but it is still just as effective. This shader pack was a labor of love for Minecraft players to an avenue of accessible and increased gaming experience. The best part with this one is that if a player runs into an issue or bug with this shader pack, they can reach out to the creator via their website.

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