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Minecraft seeds are codes that generate a specific world. Players can enter these codes before creating a world. They must note that seeds meant to work in Java Edition will not generate the same world in the Bedrock Edition.

Many structures like villages in Minecraft can provide decent loot to gamers. Spawning next to them makes the early phase of a survival world a lot easier. Sadly, the chances of this happening are minimal, but they can use seeds to generate worlds with structures close to spawn.

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Best Minecraft seeds for loot

5) Desert temple and village (Seed: 188110827056045)

A desert temple (Image via Minecraft)

This Java seed spawns the player less than four hundred blocks away from a desert village at 151, 67, 99. From the chests inside the village houses, users can get a lot of emeralds.

Desert temples provide some of the best loot in the game, and they can find one in this seed at 26, 68, 249.

4) Big ancient debris veins (Seed: -111200240)

Ancient debris ores (Image via Minecraft)

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This Minecraft seed is for Bedrock Edition only. The world generated using may not seem interesting, but upon entering the Nether world, players can find multiple ancient debris ore veins with 2-3 ores.

The coordinates of the veins are 144 11 -49, 132 16 -39, 24 15 -91, and 71 21 -88.

3) Buried treasure and shipwreck (Seed: 527517686)

A shipwreck (Image via Minecraft)

This Java seed is excellent for gamers who enjoy exploring cold locations because it will spawn them right before the ice spikes biome. They will be able to see a shipwreck on the edge of the biome less than fifty blocks away at 59, 63, 95.

The shipwreck has two chests inside, from which players can get a buried treasure map and lots of gold and iron nuggets. However, they will not need the buried treasure map because the treasure has been generated right next to the shipwreck at 57, 63, 89. It has a heart of the sea, diamonds and some more items.

2) The ultimate desert seed (Seed: -4295284396851726054)

A village in the desert biome (Image via Minecraft)

This Java seed has most of the structures that generate in the desert biome close to spawn. Users will find a desert temple right next to the spawn that has enchanted books and golden apples.

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There's a village with a blacksmith house at 288, 68, 153. A ruined portal generates near spawn at 40, 69, 136, and its chest has golden apples. Gamers can find another desert temple that has diamonds at -200, 69, 264.

1) Blacksmith village (Seed: 8038865430415659132)

Loot found in blacksmith houses (Image via Minecraft)

Out of any village house, blacksmith houses provide the best loot. Gamers can get iron, gold, and diamonds from the chests generated inside them.

This amazing Java Edition seed spawns users about two hundred and seventy blocks away from a village that has not one but two different blacksmith houses. The coordinates of the village are -375, 67, 326.

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