what is the best seed for minecraft java edition 1.16.4

In Minecraft, each world seed is individualized by its own special features and terrain generation. However, some seeds are just objectively better than others with how they generate.

Some of the best seeds are stumbled upon by players randomly. What they are “best” for varies between being great for things like speedrunning or quick playthroughs, building, aesthetic reasons, or multiplayer survival.

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There are so many different great seeds out there, and what they are best for may overlap, but overall the top five seeds out there are great for any type of playthough.

These are the best seeds for Minecraft using update 1.16.4.

Top 5 seeds for Minecraft 1.16.4 edition

#5 – 1127715537068605316

Image via Minecraft

This seed is perfect for players looking for a varied group of biomes to build in with some amazing, picturesque views in the surrounding area. It spawns the player in a plains biome surrounded by expansive savannahs, deserts, and forests at its perimeter.

Cliff faces nearby have beautiful waterfalls streaming from their heights. There are plenty of ravines to explore for resources and so much more.

#4 – -2219560822332611328

Image via GameSkinny

This seed spawns the player directly beside an almost complete ruined portal with a village nearby that contains the two pieces of required obsidian in a chest.

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The village has some great loot to collect, but the Nether spawn through the ruined portal is what really makes this seed take the cake. This Nether spawn puts the player directly inside a double Nether Fortress that has merged with a Warped Forest biome.

These crossed fortresses can be explored for hours and have so many different areas to discover and plenty of loot to collect, which can stack the character with everything they need to defeat the Ender dragon incredibly quickly.

The stronghold in the overworld is only a few hundred blocks away from the portal, too, making it a really efficient seed for speedrunners.

#3 – -6697470799408429487

Image via GameSkinny

This Minecraft seed works perfectly for players that don't particularly enjoy having mobs swarming their base, especially not at the beginning of gameplay.

This map spawns the player in view of a mooshroom biome—which is known not to generate mobs in any way, meaning it's the perfect location for a base—squished between an ice plains biome with cute polar bears and a small plains area.

The plains section of this Minecraft seed holds an epic village to help players get started and enough resources to kickstart an amazing adventure.

#2 – -6519887540484706008

Image via Minecraft

This adorable seed spawns the player on a village with a lot of villagers and buildings to loot, including a blacksmith and a generated ruined Nether portal at its center.

This is a perfect seed for players who are looking to start off strong in their Minecraft world—whether that be speedrunners or players who take their time—as they can get to the Nether within the first minute of opening up the world.

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There is a nearby sea temple found in the ocean for players to loot for its plentiful gold blocks, and the blacksmith has more than enough obsidian to finish the portal.

The other chests found around the village hold emeralds for trading, armor to wear in the Nether, food, and other resources.

#1 – -7849389163756481486

Image via Minecraft

This seed is perfect for Minecraft players who love raiding villages to get a kickstart on materials.

This seed spawns players in the nearby spruce village, and there are four villages in a small distance from each other (only three shown in the image) found at coordinates:

  1. 50, 50
  2. -150, 50
  3. 200, -150
  4. -250, -300

This seed supplies the player with so many materials, including ores, armor, weapons, tools, food, and so much more. There's also a perfectly large plains biome in the center for players to use to set up camp if they want to.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the article's writer.

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