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Home Lists World Of Warcraft: Every Class Since Shadowlands Released, Ranked (& How Easy They Are to Play)
World Of Warcraft: Every Class Since Shadowlands Released, Ranked (& How Easy They Are to Play)

World of Warcraft just keeps releasing expansions, and often new classes. Of the newer ones, which is best?

There have been eight expansions for World of Warcraft since the game was first released in 2004, and each one has introduced either a new race or class for players to enjoy. The most recent expansion, Shadowlands, focused more on building the new content. Although Blizzard didn”t add any new classes in the recent expansion, they made some changes connected to the lore, allowing players to further customize the existing classes and immerse them in a new storyline.

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There are currently a grand total of 12 playable classes in retail World of Warcraft compared to the nine available in the pre-expansion world of Classic. Some are more popular than others, and this list is organized according to what classes players like the most and which ones they tend to avoid. Players often ask which class is the easiest to play, and that can refer to leveling or endgame content. It”s not because the classes are flawed or less fun, but WoW players think about details, like compatibility in groups, ease of leveling, and how viable your “toon will be for raiding. It should be noted that the following statistics only cover the numbers for the servers in the United States and Europe, and there”s some variation between the two.

Updated by Kristy Ambrose on February 22nd, 2021: Now that Shadowlands has been live for a few weeks, with most of the major bugs and other annoying issues ironed out, we can take a second look at what class is the ideal choice when it”s time to explore the newest incarnation of World of Warcraft. In the end, it all depends on personal preference, but the gaming world as a whole seems to choose certain classes more than others. We”ve updated our list to reflect some shifting trends in the vast land of Azeroth when it comes to choosing your character”s class. 

12 Demon Hunter – Moderate

It”s interesting that the Demon Hunter would be on the bottom of the list when it comes to the most popular class overall in WoW, given the hype and demand this class enjoyed immediately before the Legion expansion. They have some great abilities, and those eyes and fist-weapons sure do look cool, but how much fun are Demon Hunters to play? Actually, a lot of fun, with some demonic shapeshifting and other unique abilities, along with the versatility to be either a Tank or DPS class which puts them in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to difficulty. The issue is that only two races can play this class, Night Elves or Blood Elves, which is more likely the real reason they”re not the most popular class to play.

11 Monk – Easy

Let”s face it, we like to carry our weapons around, displaying our glowing epics for all to see. The Monk doesn”t use weapons, although they can carry a staff and other such blunt weapons, so that might actually put some players off. They”re one of the most fun and easy classes to play in Shadowlands even if they aren”t the most popular.

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The Monk class is available to virtually every race, even the Allied ones, so accessibility isn”t an issue like it might be with other classes. The players who have Monk characters seem to enjoy them, and the class is useful at virtually any level and in a variety of group dynamics.

10 Shaman – Advanced

Speaking of classes that players might avoid because of their complex gameplay, enter the Shaman. Classic WoW players tend to choose the Shaman at lower rates too, and for the same reason. The class has some definite advantages, one of them being that they can actually take on three roles, healing, ranged DPS, and melee DPS.

Shamans also have totems that will benefit themselves and the whole party by healing them, enhancing their abilities, or hurting their enemies. The level of responsibility takes some serious attention, so it”s not the easiest class to play, but you”ll be a popular member of your raiding guild.

9 Warlock – Moderate

The mystery and lore that surrounds the Warlock class seem to evoke strong emotions in the average WoW gamer. Either they are beloved or despised. Players might avoid the class because they opted to play Mages or Demon Hunters instead, but Warlocks have a lot of advantages in both PVE and groups, making them great as solo levelers and group members, and easier to play than other DPS classes.

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Their powers have been lessened somewhat since Classic, with some dramatic changes to their talent trees and the use of mounts and summoning stones making their unique powers less important. Players that want to strike a balance between a class like the Hunter and the Mage with a dark edge might choose a Warlock.

8 Rogue – Easy

Considering that this used to be one of the most popular classes in the game, its place on the list goes to show how much the Rogue has been nerfed since the early days of WoW. That doesn”t mean they still aren”t one of the easiest classes to play as well as being a Melee DPS class to be reckoned with for you PVP aficionados. In both lowbie and endgame play, and they”re just as fun leveling solo as it is with groups.

Rogues have unique abilities like pickpocketing and using poisons, which no other class can do, an ideal choice for players who want to experience one of the vintage classes in the modern game.

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7 Priest – Moderate

Popular, powerful, and complex, few other classes have the same options as a Priest. Not only is the Priest one of the best healers in the game for dungeons, raids, and PVP, they can also go Shadow and deal ridiculous amounts of damage in all of the same situations. This class would probably be higher on the list if it wasn”t for the fact that they”re often seen as a healing class, which can be too much pressure for some, especially at higher levels. Virtually all of the races can play a Priest as well, with very few exceptions, making them accessible to everyone.

6 Death Knight – Easy

They”ve been a controversial class since they were introduced in Wrath of the Lich King as they were the only class at the time that started at an advanced level. This might automatically put them in the “easiest” category according to some. Since then, the dust has settled, the jokes about “newb DKs” have mostly faded, and they”re recognized as an effective combo class. Compared to similar classes like Druids and Shamans, they have fewer details like totems and animal forms to organize, making them easier to play.

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Death Knights are equally effective as a Tank or Melee DPS class, and for players that like to immerse themselves in lore, they have a backstory comparable to other races like the Forsaken but cranked up to 11. Although they aren”t classed as healers officially, they do have self-healing abilities, making them one of the easiest classes to play.

5 Mage – Easy

The Mage is always near the top of the list when it comes to classes players love. Notoriously easy to level and gear, in groups or on their own, Mages always have a lot of fun. They tend to be Enchanters and Tailors, professions that are always in high demand for a vast swath of the gaming population. Their powers of making portals and food are still essential for group play, especially when you share your space with other mana users and you need to cut down on travel time. This is also one of the easiest classes to play and level with a high DPS rating and a few nice crowd-control skills. The Mage is a vintage class that has stood the test of time.

4 Warrior – Moderate

The Warrior is simple and fun to play, without any of the fuss or muss connected to mana use, poisons, or totems. Stance-dancing is the most complicated thing Warriors ever learn, and it”s not really mandatory if you plan on keeping it Melee DPS as opposed to a Tank. Other players will be asking you to guide them in dungeons or help out with group quests, which adds to the community dimension already present.

Warriors have access to some of the nicest armor and weapons in the game, making leveling fairly easy. Warriors are no longer as gear-dependent as they used to be, a factor that has made them more popular since earlier expansions.

3 Druid – Advanced

The Druid class used to be less popular because of its versatile nature, similar to other classics like the Shaman and the Monk. In the EU realms, the Druid is actually more popular than the Paladin by a slim margin. Both are versatile combo classes with a variety of healing, DPS, and tank abilities, so that”s not exactly a shock.

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Players like the shapeshifting angle, which gives you a travel boost at early levels and keeps you in demand as a Tank for playing with groups. This always gave the classes an edge when it came to leveling, along with healing spells and buffs that benefit both themselves and other players.

2 Paladin – Advanced

There was a time when Paladins were notorious for how useless they were at lower levels, not quite able to tank yet but still too weak to compete with other healing classes like Priests and Druids. That”s completely changed in modern WoW, and the image of the noble knight has become one of the game”s most popular classes despite their various responsibilities. Now they can cover all of the bases at almost any level, whether it”s as a tank, healing, or melee DPS. It might not be the easiest class to play in Shadowlands but it could be the most rewarding. The buffs they provide put them on the same level as Druids or Priests when it comes to giving the group an advantage.

1 Hunter – Easy

It”s no wonder that the Hunters are still at the top of the heap when it comes to popularity. This class is probably the easiest to level and play, even from the days of Classic WoW, plus you get a pet. That”s right, this is the class that had pets before it was cool, and these are pets that need training and feeding, not demon pets like Warlocks have.

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Hunters can also use virtually any weapon, giving them an advantage when it comes to drops or shopping for gear on the auction house. Those are just a few reasons that make them WoW”s most popular class to play and the easiest class to level in Shadowlands.

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