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Minecraft zombies are pretty easy to handle, but if you’re a fan of the zombie survival genre, then you can probably look for a more horrific brain-eating monster than the cute Zombie families of Minecraft.

Zombie survival games can be scary, fast-paced, and full of adrenaline at the same time. There’s no end to the creativity that a zombie apocalypse can bring to any gameplay. Therefore, it is not shocking that zombie mode is a theme that several Minecraft servers return to, over and over again.

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Five best Minecraft zombie servers

5) The Creeping Dead

IP Address: wtbblue.com:25565

The Creeping Dead (Image credits: Planet Minecraft)

One of the many servers based on the hit TV series, the Walking Dead, The Creeping Dead takes your Minecraft gameplay and turns it into a blood-racing apocalyptic game.

The best thing about this server is that it combines PvP and PvE gameplay, requiring the players to fight off known villains from the show. On top of that, you must also survive the hordes of walkers after you. But anyone who has watched the show knows to be more scared of Negan than the walkers.

4) Dead MC

IP Address: wtbblue.com

Dead MC (Image credits: Black Plasma Studios, Youtube)

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Dead MC is an excellent server for people who want to experience living in a world ravaged by the undead.

You spawn into a Minecraft game in which looting, mining, crafting, and building remain the same, but with a very different goal. When the streams of horrid zombies come out at night, you can be caught off guard, and the only thing that can help you survive is a strong base with damning defences that you build with your group of survivors.

3) ODA Revolution

IP Address: wtbblue.com

Map of ODA Revolution (Image credits: Planet Minecraft)

ODA Revolution is a zombie apocalypse, except from the point of view of military forces. A brutal survival experience, the ODA Revolution throws the building aspect of the game entirely out the window.

You can only hope to seek shelter from predefined safe zones on the 10,000 by 10,000 block map. Players can also gain new ranks within the military system that is a part of the server.

2) The Mining Dead

IP Address: wtbblue.com

The Mining Dead (Image credits: HavocMC)

This well-executed server is again inspired by The Walking Dead, which is obvious from the 5000 by 5000 block recreation of the franchise’s world that the server has put together.

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There are several unique locations like the Prison, Woodbury, and Alexandria. Fans of the show can enjoy these exhaustive throwbacks to their favorite show while also enjoying the zombie survival gameplay of Minecraft.

1) Outbreak

IP Address: wtbblue.com

Outbreak (Image credits: Planet Minecraft)

Outbreak is perhaps the most exciting and unique server on this list. It throws players into an immersive PvP experience where you either spawn as a human trying to outrun the zombies or as one of the zombies who seek to infect the humans.

If you play as a human, your goal is to survive the server till the end of the game, and if you spawn as a zombie, then you have to infect every human until no one is left. There are loot chests and kits to help either of the two, making this server truly one of a kind when it comes to zombie play!

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