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It is easy to imagine the pace at which the Mojang developers are working at this point with Minecraft 1.18. And it is that although there are still a few months to go before their expected arrival date, which should be produced before Christmas, there is still work to be done and, from what we can see in the last experimental snapshots, it seems that they want to fine-tune the new distribution to the maximum of biomes, as well as, of course, both mountains and caves.

If you want to experience these changes yourself, here’s how to install and test experimental snapshots. Remember, yes, that you cannot use them with the worlds that you already have created in the final versions. We are still in this unprecedented phase of experimental snapshots, with notable bugs that could break those maps, so for security reasons, Mojang has preferred to block this possibility. We will have to see what happens when non-experimental snapshots start to be published, that is, the normal ones, of Minecraft 1.18.

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And when will that happen? Since the Nether and End problems remain unsolved, my initial impression that it would occur in September is no longer so clear. I am not saying that it will not happen, but I would not be surprised that, except surprise, we have to wait until October to see the first normal snapshots of Minecraft 1.18, in which both the performance and the generation of Nether and End work correctly again.

Minecraft 1.18: what’s new in snapshot 6

As we have already informed you about the news of the latest Minecraft 1.18 snapshots, this time we will mainly talk about the changes from four to six. If you want to review the history, this was the first snapshot, the third was published three weeks ago, then the fourth arrived fifteen days ago and last week we told you what you could find in the experimental snapshot 5 of Minecraft 1.18. As you can see, if you review the evolution, you will see that the jump between the first and the sixth is more than remarkable.

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The first thing that caught my attention is that we found a new game mechanic: Do you want horses, mules and donkeys to follow you to the end of the world? Well, he has a golden carrot, a golden apple or an enchanted golden apple in his hand and, as you can see, you will not be able to get rid of them. This method does not work, however, with zombie horses or skeleton horses.

As for the mountains, the location of the biomes that contain them has been modified, in order to better adapt to the terrain and neighboring biomes. As we already told you at the time, one of the objectives of Mojang for Minecraft 1.18 is to make the transitions between biomes more realistic, climatically. Until now the distribution was quite random, but it seems that with Minecraft 1.18 it will no longer happen that of leaving a desert to find yourself in an icy area. In addition, progress is being made again in the reduction of microbiomes.

There have also been some adjustments in relation to the distribution of trees in the mountains based on temperature. In cold climates, groves and snowy slopes tend to start much lower, while in warm and temperate climates they tend to start higher.

By mistake, in snapshot 5 the lush caves were substantially reduced in size, you know, one of the new biomes from Caves & Cliffs Update. This accidental change has been reversed, so that they are generated again with the size that we already saw in snapshot 4, that is, much larger.

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Another interesting novelty of Minecraft is found on the ocean floor, and it is now more common to find both underground ravines and connections with underground aquifers. In other words, you have more chances of diving to the bottom of the sea and, in it, find accesses to flooded caves underground. In addition, to facilitate your exploration, more magma blocks are now generated, so you can catch your breath. These new accesses will be found especially between layers 40 and 0.

Y swe go around with the swamps, and is that again they can be generated in dry areas. Actually this should have already happened in snapshot 5 of Minecraft 1.18, but it seems that the implementation was not correct and, consequently, strange microbiomes were generated that were not consistent in the environment.

And this is the main thing. Will this be the last technical snapshot of Minecraft 1.18? Maybe Mojang will give us a surprise, which consists of having a team in parallel working on the Nether and End problems. However, and since we haven’t seen anything about it so far, I have a feeling that next week we will be talking about technical snapshot 7.


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