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Since its release in 2009, Minecraft has gradually risen through the ranks to become the best-selling video game of all time. The game has captured the imagination of an entire generation of gamers, and somehow still manages to attract new ones.

Even in India, many streamers and Youtubers have now begun casting Minecraft. The adventures in the pixelated world of Minecraft are exceptionally enjoyable, and the Indian gaming community has started playing the game in increasing numbers.

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One of the most influential of these Indian Minecraft gamers is BeastBoyShub. With over 4.18 million subscribers, BeastBoyShub has often talked about the fact that his gaming persona is inspired by Swedish Youtuber PewDiePie.

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BeastBoyShub has been streaming Minecraft for a while now, and has made incredible progress in a long-running series. He started off with a world called, “Alone Again….”, which he lost after his Windows OS got corrupted. The next time however, he created a world which was dubbed as “We Will Rise Again…”

“We Will Rise Again…” has been his longest-running world, and BeastBoyShub has even shared the seed for it, so that his fans can experience the same world he does!

How to get BeastBoyShub’s Minecraft seed

Without further ado, the seed to BeastBoyShub’s amazing world is 7409573513383032728. The world generated in his videos is definitely a great seed, since he spawns very close to the merger between a plains biome and a desert biome. Nestled right into the desert biome is both a village, and a desert temple. Weirdly though, BeastBoyShub’s luck runs out with the temple, and he finds no good loot!

However, he manages to build a pretty epic base right next to the beach, consisting of his own survival house, a breeding center for villagers, as well as many automatic farms to collect resources on the go. He even adds a Nether portal very close to the base in order to have easy access to the Nether.

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All in all, the seed to BeastBoyShub’s world will provide a pretty interesting experience for you to enjoy. You can watch his Minecraft series on Youtube to learn more about the world and get your hands on all the resources you’d need to deal with the Creepers

To generate the world, simply input the seed code 7409573513383032728 into the Seed field when starting a new game, and you’ll be able to enter your favorite streamer’s Minecraft adventure.

BeastBoyShub has now begun a Season 2 of his Minecraft series as well, and with new and exciting updated content like Caves and Cliffs on the way as well, we hope that BeastBoyShub keeps his series going.

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