what is your favorite block in minecraft

Mine would probably be quartz just because it always looks so elegant and it has slabs and stairs that match. My least favorite is definitely oak wood of any form, because it looks so bland, like you couldn’t find anything else to use. I’m curious to see what others think though.

P.S. This is my first post, so let me know if I did anything wrong.

Đang xem: What is your favorite block in minecraft

Mine would definitely be the Oak Wood Block. Without obtaining wood at the beginning, you can’t craft or make anything since almost everything requires wood at the start. Also wood is super easy to acquire since wood is everywhere. I have to admit that Quartz is definitely on of my favorites but Wood will forever be the OG.
I love anything spruce; like spruce wood, stairs, etc.

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I’d have to say decoration wise, one of my favorite blocks to use would be Redstone Lamps and Sea Lanterns definitely. They’re just very fun to encorporate into builds and look good with almost any block if you know how to correctly place them.

As for my least favorite, I’d say maybe Netherrack. I just don’t like the design at all.
My favorite block has to be Packed Ice. I just think the color and shading of the different blues make it look so elegant. I've always liked it but a bit saddened its hard to obtain. My least favorite block would have to be obsidian. I think obsidian looks so odd and out of place, and real obsidian in real life is not tinted purple. I think it would look so much better if it was made into a black block rather than a dark purple block. It would have so much potential for builds and incorporations into maps, but because it is so out of place and ugly I have to say it is my least favorite block.
Easy peasy. My favourite block would definitely be a Purpur block. I have a couple reasons. The first being that it's purple and purple is my favourite color 😀

The second reason is because of a quote, "Purpur is one of the strangest and most otherworldly materials in Minecraft, found in a fittingly strange and otherworldy dimension: the End." – Alex Wiltshire

Kind of describes my personality a little bit if I do say so myself.

My least favourite block is Acacia planks. In my eyes, there are limited places Acacia actually looks good and I really just dont think orange wood looks nice.
I can't pick only one favourite and least favourite block since Minecraft is such a beautiful game.

My favourites are Stone Slab, Sea Lantern, and Quartz (and its variants). I just like the textures of Stone Slab and Quartz, and Sea Lantern is (arguably) the best block for lighting.

My least favourites have got to be Obsidian, Bedrock, and Netherrack. The first 2 are so damn hard to break while serving little to no purpose, and all 3 of them just look horrible. Blehh.
Hey I drew this and idk if it's good.
10 votes for my girlfriends drawing.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/pve0peqbz9hnqw0/images (15).jpeg?dl=0…
So if your a survival mode player you should help me make a video about rare stuff in survival mode like Mega base, Banner collection, And ect
Let me know if you or some one that have a 100×100 base or a large banner collection, or a mega structure/build
I was alse banned in wtbblue.com discord because I finally had enough and insulted QTYY and his friend for saying "who asked" and…
IMO, wtbblue.com doesn't really need anymore servers, the player base is pretty dead as it is. I will pretty much agree with everyone else. People play wtbblue.com to play a game they like, and if the game they like is removed, they leave. It is a simple as that. wtbblue.com has already been mainly toppled by Hypixel, and taking away even more incentive to play would just decimate the player base.…
That was easily the most entertaining YouTube video I've seen in foreverrr (also the first I've watched in forever). It's so nice how many people you included! You all did some pretty impressive moves. The music made it 10x more enjoyable and was so fun to listen to, a good choice. I was definitely not dancing in my room haha.…
As a former chicken main, people will say that chicken is weak but it actually isn't. It is one of my favorite kits, and I would be completely fine using it against people over 1000 wins. However, it is much more difficult to pilot compared to other kits, due it the lack of armor. What makes up for it though, is it's small hitbox, and unrivaled mobility. Sure, you can't fly…
Hi there Orangey,
It's such a pleasure to meet you! Firstly, I'm Justin/parkour and I play on a laptop like you! My favourite colour has to be…
btw I got school early tomorrow so dont yell at me if I dont do it in the morning it will be done by midnight PST.…

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-1, say you found a beautiful natural landscape and you just had to build you base there but it turns out it was a cave chunk??? It would be like bruh. Why? Just mine in unclaimed land? You can just explore, after all just set your home or strip mine.…
As many above me said you should definitely apply man, knowing you for the kinda short time I did I think you’d be a perfect fit. Go for it and if it’s not for you you can always resign so there’s nothing to lose.…
I have a little feedback I think that could greatly improve your map if you're willing to take my advice as a decent builder.
The block choice for the walls is interesting to look at and adds interesting texture, while the coloration is somewhat bleak and contrasting. I think a better aesthetic for an underwater themed arena might be more neutral sand colors opposed to bleak white.…
There's a few issues I find with the original post – some already addressed, others not so much.
One of the main points I want to bring about is that wtbblue.com actually has had original games that have gone away for various reasons – some of the games I'm talking about are "skyfall" "MCL" or other games that I've never seen on any other network. While…
I adore your art and lowkey need a new profile picture :eyes:
Let's work something out! I DM'd you on discord <3-<3…
Your first point is a good consideration. The best thing about Podcrash+ is that you can use it to report X-rayers as a community member and it doesn't…
How can you say that’s not the cause when the current players in survival is less than 150 regularly now?
Fall mentioned I think an update is required to Champions/TDM specifically before we bring it back. Also as mentioned here, CTF is popular within the Champions community. When I used to play CTF a lot (2-4 months ago) there was usually a game running about 50% of the day. I agree it doesn't start on its own…

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Discussion in “Off Topic” started by HoardingWaffles, Feb 24, 2019 .

Discussion in “Off Topic” started by HoardingWaffles, Feb 24, 2019 .

Discussion in “Off Topic” started by HoardingWaffles, Feb 24, 2019 .

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