Apropos of nothing, as I'm an Amerideserve to who speaks only English and also marginal German.

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But I am curious what languperiods DOTA2 has been localized to, and also the level of that localization for each language. IE, whether it's simply tool-tips/in-game occasion texts, or whether it's full hero responses, names, etc.

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i play the game in english, but i'm actually a portuguese speaker. i've checked out the game client from some of my friends and what they've done so much are capability tooltips, capacity name, cosmetic names and also menus. voices still in english and heroes names as well (which i think is intended)

Dota 2 and Steam and also basically eincredibly other Valve game, and some various other third party games have actually been translated to the complying with languages: Brazilian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, simpl. Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Korean, Greek, trad. Chinese, Romanian, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, Turkish, Bulgarian, Thai, Pirate, Norwegian, and I think work-related has actually started on the Vietnamese translation.

Most message has been translated for a bulk of the languperiods, however tbelow is no various voiceover as of yet, and the name of abilities/heroes/items/creeps/cosmetics don't gain analyzed to make it easier to connect with human being you don't recognize.

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Dota 2 (and also many other Valve games, and also even the Steam store) is commonly translated by the area approximately the Steam Translation Server. You are able to authorize up, enter a reqiuired (longer) translation for your tarobtain language and after being accepted you deserve to accessibility the translation device.

It's largely huge tables with the English version on the left and also your language (in my instance German) on the appropriate and also you have the right to filter them by game, or just how up-to-day they are. When you submit a translation various other translaters can vote or talk about the translation, they have the right to be approved by moderators and also exported to the game by admins. Obviously we don't acquire stuff which is not meant to be easily accessible before release - blog entries or patch sites seem to be analyzed somewhere else.

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In German at leastern we don't translate any item or hero names - I assume most langueras perform it that method. We just translate tooltips, lore, the tutorial and also stuff but that normally takes lengthy enough. AFAIK just the chinese and korean teams have their own voiceovers.

If you're interested I deserve to pull the list of percentperiods interpreted or lookup specific translations, or you might become a German-English translator yourself!

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