What Level Does Aluminum Spawn In Minecraft, Aluminum Ore!

Is anyone else noticing how rare it is? I've barely managed to scrape up 6 blocks of it. Is there a particular Y level I should be mining at?


It’s near the surface mixed in with bauxite. If mine both of them since you’ll need the bauxite later on. I recommend looking for caves on the surface and if they start going down deep just black track and find a new cave.

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The tooltip will tell you what y levels it spawns at. It actually fairly uniform across those levels.

IIRC, digging around 48 gave me enough aluminum to complete my cast collection without using any gold. (I do NOT recommend using gold for casts, since you are going to need gold gears and circuits for some early quests.)

FWIW, I think the rarity is intentional. Bauxite is much more common, but requires more processing to become an alumin(i)um ingot.

IRL, alumin(i)um used to be much more expensive than gold. Modern processing methods came on to the scene and quickly reduced the price. I'm not 100% sure this is because they were able to process more raw ore, or if it was other reasons. I think Continuum is trying to model this slightly.

There is a tooltip on the ore, try mining at higher levels. i think its like between 50-70 where no one mines. same with certus quartz. its between like 40-60 while everyone mines below 40 for gold or usually around y 12 for diamonds.

i ended up with 4 mining layers due to this.

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Y 60 for copper, bauxite and aluminium

Y 45 for certus quartz and tin

Y 12 for general mining

Y 4 for tungsten

or atleast something like this, from the top of my head.

I've had no problem finding it. Find a rocky plain no one it's on the surface everywhere. Even mining at 45 it's not that rare.

Ya see, I dont have that issue, for me it's finding gold, lapis and diamonds. Not even mentioning how hard enderpearls are.

gold lapis and diamonds are set to 1, so yeah better to look at configs and figure out if any of the spawning is biome dependant. Gold spawns in mesa's at a higher range if you look at the cofh world config. (not sure if mesa's are a generic type that works with BoP biome's or if you need something that specifically says Mesa)

Not directly in this pack. Later on you can grind the bauxite ores into aluminum though. By the time you're doing that though, its for the titanium it can produce and aluminum is a plentiful side product.

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Lol we're mid game and have literally 2000 of it. We mine alot in the high y levels to get bauxite and get aluminium with it. Also we have a crusher/furnace setup that doubles our amount.

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