What Minecraft Character Am I Necraft Quiz: Which Minecraft Character Are You?

Do this quiz and you will never feel like a dummy or an idiot of Minecraft again. Everyone will get a fair score and will be guaranteed to get the character they want! Like Alex, The female version of Steve, Herobrine, A legendary mob that is like a ninja and a killer In one thing And Steve, An enthusiastic, Mischevious character!

Are YOU the True Minecraft Awesomeness? If you are, take this quiz, And find out for yourself! . This quiz will test you on how awesome you are and how many skills you have. so what are you waiting for? Click Start!

Created by: MinecraftEpicLibby

Do you like to prank other players? Yeah! It”s so funny when i see the look on their faces! Meh. depends on the person. No! It”s mean!If there was a pig standing next to a melon block, which food would you choose? Kill the pig=pork I really don”t care… No! I love pigs! Not killing them! Totally melon.

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How many resources do you need? Smooth stone, banners, birch, oak and jungle wood… Well, it only matters on how much you need it. Bed, furnace and crafting bench and chestIf I had a diamond axe and a golden sword, Which would you choose? Golden sword! To destroy stuff! Well, the sword can do a lot of damage, but the axe can kill and chop wood faster… Axe. Cuz i can get Wood faster and i can get rid of those pesky zombies! I hate them!Zombies are attacking a village! Do you Make and iron golem or do you Kill the nasties yourself? Kill them! I would never waste my iron blocks for stupid NPCs! Neither. I would wait until the sun comes up so that the zombies rot. I would make and Iron golem so that i don”t have to worry about zombie trouble again!Do you like Minecraft? Of course I do! Why would i be taking this quiz? I like the game, I hate the players claiming that the land is theirs by walking on it and calling innocent and protective mobs monsters. Yes!! I love the friendly animals and the dogs and horses!If your skin was one plain colour what would it be? Plain blue, plain green or plain Dark Purple? BLUE BLUE BLUE. Dark Purple. Then I can sneak up on others and scare them in the night . Lawl. I”d like green.Do you believe in Herobrine? Nope. Just a legend. Duh. Yes I do. He IS real. Herobrine is frightening. I don”t want to think about him.

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Do You have all the other minecrafts? Yes. X box, PC, Pocket edition, PS3/4, PSP… Xbox and PC PC, The rest are too expensive!Are you Enjoying this quiz? Yeah. Duh. :3 Totally.

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Quiz topic: What Minecraft Character am I most like?

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