what minecraft diaries character would you date

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name: Haruka

gender: male

species: meaif”wa

looks: whiteish blond black hair, brown skin, brown eyes, red leather jacket, white shirt, jeans

personality: shy, mysteries, crazy, aggressive, moody,

nickname: Haru

age: 15

story: a friendly loner and very caring a Scorpio that is fast and cute to most and wants to fend for himself

Weapon: flash duel syth gun that is black and white

friend: star

GF: cyclone


Angle Age:20 Species: Ultma Family: Aaron,Derek,Rachel,Melissa Friends:Everyone except Ein Relationship: Gene Weapons:Majiks Description: Green hair,different colored eyes, green wolf ears, white wolf tail. Backstory: Nobody knows…

Ollie Hm

Age: 36 Gender: Male Race: Human Personality: Serious, critical Skills: Archery and Close Combat. This includes Martial Arts and Usage of Blades. Magicks: Spell Ckasting: Cast any Spell, excluding extremely powerful magicks. Strengths: Durability, resilience (very fast recovery), sharp eye Weaknesses: Insomnia, mobility, dark magick Tools: Elm-Wood Bow, Iron Pickaxe, Icelead Sword, Binding Glove (used to fuse magicks with weapons), Spell Book Birth Place: Phoenix Drop Relationships: Parents: Deceased Siblings: None Pets: None Crush/Love Interests: None, for a very long time..

Not much is known about him. While he is a skilled fighter and excellent magick user, his “cold-hearted” attitude is what people don”t like about him, hence the reason why he is very unknown – people don”t talk about him. He may seem strict, but once you get to know him, you”ll realize he has a dark past.

He is considered as the Loneliest Man in the World.

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Leona Ro'Meave· 3/18/2018

Emily Snikenstein

Age 15

Race Werewolf

Personality outgoing strang talks to self

Skills Sword fighting and magic and dabbing

Magicks spell casting 

Strengths attacking and magic

Weekness Dark magic Bows

Tools Red Crstyal sword golden dagger Spell Book 

Birth place Scaleswind


               Parents Living

               Siblings Ash; Ora

               Pets Flare; Snow

                Crush love interest Crush Adain 

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Snowflake1515· 3/19/2019


-General Information-

Name: Alana Winter

Personality: Gets angry pretty easily, but keeps it inside and stays calm. Is very caring and will do anything to make her friends or family happy. Will do anything to make enemies pay if they hurt her friends or family. Is very mature and loyal.

Strengths: Family and friends. Hope and people believing in her.

Weakness: Being hated by recent friends and family.

Sexuality: Straight

Species: Grey Wolf, Also wizard. (Not the witch hats and wands XD) Just magical powers.

Age: 17

Backstory: Alana was abused by parents and was never liked by them. They didnt care about her or what happened to her. She met Aaron and they became best childhood friends. Around middle school, Aaron had a crush on her but soon gave up because she new he liked her(It was obvious) and she said it was better being friends. She then heard about wtbblue.com and her friends. So she bacame friends with them. She is also a tough gal because she has always been treated wrong by her parents and class mates.



(Couldnt upload picture)

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Long

Eyes: Green when normal: Blue when happy: Red when mad:

Clothing: She always wears casual clothes and dark colors. Her favorite color, though, is green.


Mother: Unknow

Father: Unknow

Siblings: Unknow 😉

Romance: Ends up having a crush on Ein when she meets him at Love~Love~ Paradise~.

Best friend: Aaron

Good friend: wtbblue.com, Katelyn, Zane

-Character Quote-

“You shouldnt care what others think of you. Stay strong no matter what and always beleive.”

~If possible, it would be amazing if somebody drew my character and stuff! I would literally cry! I would do it, but i dont have the eqiupment for it. :(~ Thank you so much!

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