what minecraft monster are you

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Đang xem: What minecraft monster are you

So this is a very interesting qui and I”ve been feeling very nerdy and gamerish so pretty much I”ve been feeling like a geek yes but any way I don”t even know what monster I would be!

Ps no monsters in the neather are in this plus no wither skeleton or herobrine or the Ender dragon! Sorry but when I make multiple choice quizzes the highest I go it six characters

Created by: Marceline 101

How would you describe your self in school? Class clown Teacher”s pet The jock Mr/mrs prep! The actor The shadowy emo What do you hate more out of these? A lame party A weak boyfriend Sunshine in my face all day Rain falling on me all day by my self No school for the rest of my life Somebody broke my video game system! What do you hate more Super hot rays all day that you”d get sun burn within 10 seconds out there Super strong Rain all day that jut keeps comming and it rains so had if you walk out there the rain feels like being shot it hurts! What accessory would you choose to wear out of these four A fedora Nerd glasses Expensive one of a kind jewelry A gamer hand bag Ok what I am now about to tell you is the true story of Steve and the monsters! And in the comments tell me who is right and why! Yay an assignment and a story Boo work I”d rather just play the dang game Yay story does it involve a huge party?! I don”t care just let”s get this over with Hmm well I guess we could do that sure.. Urr if it doesn”t have romance your dead Why do you mostly where ( girls if you are a guy don”t pick any of te super girly ones my mistake for not thinking a lot) A black hoodie jeans black sneakers and black tee cause I”m fliping emo all over I don”t care what I where I just go crazy! Something neat like a nice headband and a dress shirt with a skirt and nice heels Something nerdy like my glasses a plaid skirt and a nice white top with a tie ( btw nerds are not just brains they are more then that!) Well something casual um maybe my favorite color Eh I don”t care Oops my bad now I will tell the story ok? One day the monsters were enjoying them selves they were playing in trees some the water some the caves and the zombies even set up a party in te caves but when night fall struck a strange monster walked into the party and started breaking the walls to the party ten broke the lights! The monster held up a light stick saying,” my name is steve fellow monsters I will be on journeys past stars and space stay out of my way all of you!” He finished! Suddenly an arrow was shot by one of the skeleton and then he yelled,” attack!!!!!!!!!” and all the monsters ran after the man and then as Steve ran out of the cave a man similar ran into them,” hello fellow monsters I am your true leader please let”s not gift I have power far more powerful then all of yours combined! My name is herobrine and I wish to help you seek out your peace he has been destroying the world we live in and we have to stop him!” The monster said te monsters agreed and after that, that is why the monsters attack steve … T^T so sad!! Beautiful! Steve you suck Monsters you suck Omg herobrine is evil but for once he is my best friend! Would you rather Be alone but have the world in peace Have friends but the world is in chaos What color describes you? ( again my color quiz take it!) Green Blue Red Purple Pink Yellow If you actually were Steve which monster would you fear most HEROBRINE!!!!!!! Enderman! Creeper Spider jockey ( I”ve actually seen one it”s rare to see one!)
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Quiz topic: What minecraft monster am I?

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