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In Minecraft, players can use seeds to generate worlds with valuable structures nearby. World generation and terrain formation heavily depend on seed and vary from one seed to another.

Using seeds, players can find rare structures right next to spawn. Many players try to use seeds with villages near spawn. It is one of the best things that can happen while speedrunning Minecraft.

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Villages are a great source of loot in Minecraft. Players can find various helpful items, like iron, gold, diamonds, obsidians, and more. This article showcases some of the best Minecraft seeds for finding giant villages.

Five best Minecraft Java seeds for giant villages

#5 – Double village near Mushroom fields

Large taiga village (Image via u/BigBrain5Head)
  • Seed: -5094685710863790798
  • Version: Java Edition1.16
  • Coordinates: spawn point

In this seed, players spawn right in front of a beautiful taiga village surrounded by lakes. After following the village pathways, players will find another taiga village, which leads to one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft: Mushroom islands.

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Players can also find shipwrecks in the oceans near the spawn point.

#4 – Normal village connected to an abandoned village

Unusual village (Image via u/BigBrain5Head)
  • Seed: 328211190642393298
  • Version: Java Edition 1.16
  • Coordinates: spawn point

Many players have never seen a weird seed like this. Two villages, one regular and the other abandoned, connected in the middle of nowhere. Beware of zombies as the spawn point is on the abandoned side.

After surviving the horde of zombies, players can repopulate the abandoned village and make it one giant village.

#3 – A giant village

One giant village (Image via u/BigBrain5Head)
  • Seed: 4176870184659399634
  • Version: Java Edition 1.16
  • Coordinates: spawn point

Sometimes, two or more villages can generate together and form one giant village. In this seed, players can find a massive village at the spawn location. Another rare thing about this seed is the village generating in the jungle biome.

#2 – Huge village

  • Seed: 8205462975923634785
  • Version: Java Edition 1.16.5
  • Coordinates: near spawn

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In this seed, players can find a plain village stretching out in all directions. After exploring, the long plains village players will come across another big taiga village with a ravine underneath.

#1 – Big desert village

A desert village near savanna (Image via u/VeiledSyzygy)
  • Seed: 85177585723133
  • Version: Java Edition 1.16
  • Coordinates: -1856/75/176

This Minecraft seed features a huge desert village at the mentioned coordinates. Behind the desert village, players can find savanna biomes filled with acacia trees. There are also desert temples near the village filled with valuable loot.

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