How do you properly praise a main and how do you deal with a main who is doing poorly? Let's discuss!

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It's very difficult to completely detach yourself from Overwatch characters. The range and diversity of Overwatch allows for players to relate and even find themselves in all the craziness. Each character has their own personality and philosophy, so even if you don't find your perfect fit, there's always something to relate to. What does your main say about you? How do you properly praise a main and how do you deal with a main who is doing poorly? Here's the first group of mains explained.

Đang xem: What your overwatch main says about you

Maining Genji does not mean you are selfish, contrary to the fandom's popular belief. Genji mains understand responsibility and their task in the team. They take DPS fairly seriously and understand that they are responsible for the deaths of their enemies. They have a good understanding of the bigger picture, but they do struggle to quickly achieve them. Genji mains need to take time in order to get the victory.

Good Genji: He's in the zone! Genji mains work hard to get to where they're at. Maining Genji is not a stroll in the park. Give them a compliment or two, but don't overdo it. Genji mains still want a challenge, but a boost of encouragement makes the grind much easier on them.

Bad Genji: Being aggressive to a Genji will only make him bite. He's upset at himself already for doing so poorly in that game, adding more negativity to a Genji will make him feel betrayed. He wanted to carry the team to victory, but he knows better than you that he's not doing well. Offer the Genji some alternative routes to fire him back up again. Keeping a healing orb on him or switching to Zarya could help boost his confidence. Support your Genji because they end up needy.

Zodiac: Water Dog

If you're a McCree main, you're fairly open-minded. In order to be an efficient McCree, you need strong confidence in your aim. There's nothing more satisfying to a McCree than catching an enemy off-guard and leaving them with no escape. McCrees are proud players and want to take matters into their own hands. McCrees, however, are poor communicators and are most likely to say the wrong thing.

Good McCree: No compliment during the game is necessary. He wants to see his POTG and be proud of it; compliment him then. A 3+ man Deadeye will make all the other losses before worth it. Anything and everything is worth to a McCree so long as he gets what he was going for.

Bad McCree: The game was his from the very beginning. He's open-minded to suggestions, but he doesn't accept opinions. Remember, McCrees are poor communicators and would rather trust themselves than you. Keep this in mind when you are talking to him. Ask him to do certain thing, but don't expect them to happen. Suggest some plans for him to get a successful Deadeye, but never tell a McCree what your opinion on his gameplay is.

Zodiac: Metal Monkey

You might think maining Pharah means you love justice, right? Nope, that's just Pharah, but Pharah mains are something different. Pharah mains want to play it safe, and they want to get the job done. The appeal of her being a safe, never really bad pick and completing objectives appeals to them. They have a strong sense of duty and genuinely want to help the team. Even though they are team orientated, they are often lost when it comes to their own improvement. Pharahs can often be too straight-minded and too uptight and that may hinder their ability to improve.

Good Pharah: Great Pharahs want to see results. If they're doing great that game, ride on their back. They want to lead the team to victory and they will only be satisfied with a victory. No compliments necessary. To them, actions speak louder than words.

Bad Pharah: She will rarely stick to one track. They understand that when the game is getting hard, they need to switch the game up and will often main 2 or more heroes. They will switch back to Pharah if needed, and they have a good sense of the game. However, they do get narrow-minded sometimes. Don't be harsh on the Pharah, they are very agreeable and willing. Just don't be mean and cooperate in a timely fashion.

Zodiac: Wood Ox

Relax, no edgelord explainations here. Reapers have had it rough and would rather rely on themselves. They are busy bees and they think three steps ahead. They understand who they can fight, when, and where. However, while they plan their own independent plan, they tend to forget the overall objective. They are efficient killers, but they don't work well with the team's plans. (Unless the plan involved Reaper dropping down on a friendly Zarya ult, then that was his plan all along.) If you ever duo with a Reaper main, understand that he trusts and respects you indefinitely. However, this is rare for them because they are naturally distrustful.

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Good Reaper: Everything is clicking in that game. Reapers' plans and the team's plans are working hand in hand. There's no need to compliment a Reaper on his solo work, he won't take the compliment and become suspicious. Are you being sarcastic? When the play all comes together and he wipes out 5 enemies including Mercy, let him know he did great. He'll say thanks and move on because he can't afford to be behind.

Bad Reaper: Because Reapers value their time, give them a listen. If things are going really bad, they might start to take over the reins by just a bit. It's uncomfortable for them, but he needs to work with you and he knows that. If you talk bad about a Reaper, he couldn't care less. He's got a tough skin, but this doesn't mean you can lash out on him. He will distrust the team even more and refuse to work together. The key to understanding Reaper mains is their work towards the big play. If you show them you're on board with their end goal, they'll be more likely to cooperate.

Zodiac: Metal Ox

You'd think you would be the leader type, but in fact, you're quite the opposite. Soldiers are naturally introverted and quiet. They have a higher goal than just a victory. Soldiers look at the big picture, and they are concerned about everything from their individual performance to game changes in the PTR. Maining Soldier was no coincidence. They picked him with careful consideration and play him as such. There is nothing Soldiers haven't thought about. Though they have good ideas, their shyness and silence hinders them as team players.

Good Soldier: Much like Reapers, Soldiers have planned ahead and thought about the composition and ult economy of the team. If they're on fire, it means their plans are going the way they want to. They are not as distrustful as Reapers so team plans are also in their agenda. You can compliment them on their solo work, but don't spend too much time on it. Remember, they are shy and may not like attention.

Bad Soldier: Be very careful when you are talking to your not-so-good Soldier. Their silence could actually be a panic and they are prone to that. They won't tell you what they're thinking unless they have been backed into the absolute corner. When you do this to them, toxicity will spew in order to balance the panic in their head. Instead, Soldiers need absolute support for an extended time. They need a good CC tank and even a pocket Mercy in order to help them get confidence.

Zodiac: Wood Dragon

Sombra mains identify deeply with the hero. They like to do things that are beyond the team or enemy's expectations. They are clever with their kit and have great game insight. Though they are mysterious and don't like to share, they want to be the disruptor of the norm. Much like Sombra herself, Sombra mains like to aim high and use power in different ways to steer the game in their favor. They love surprising and angering the enemy because that is a sign they are ahead of the game. However, their need to become leaders in their own way tend to rub off on people as arrogant. They are hard to approach and even harder to communicate with.

Good Sombra: A good Sombra is not easy to detect. They may slowly herd their enemies into a hopeless corner, but you can't see it. They love solo work and feeling in control of the game. Your Sombra is great if the game suddenly becomes easier. Mercy hasn't rezzed your enemies, health packs are surprisingly easy to find and even lifesaving, and Sombra's ults are thoughtful. They love to be complimented because that means you noticed their hard work. Cheer for them when they get POTG.

Bad Sombra: She's more upset than you are. Sombras are swift to feel depressed, angry, and panic. They may take this out on the team and spread the negative energy around because her plans aren't working. If they don't spread the negativity around, they are more likely to tunnel vision in the midst of their negative mentality. She will start to lose faith in herself and play worse. When this happens, give the Sombra intel. Distract her from making mistakes by steering her towards potential greatness. Keep communicating with her and show her you trust her.

Zodiac: Fire Rabbit

As the poster child of Overwatch, Tracer mains are ambitious. They like to take things into their own hands when things get rough. They trust their team, but they know what they are capable of. They are great cogs of a plan because they stick to principle and understand rewards and consequences. Tracer mains also know what it feels like to work hard but have few rewards. Still, they want to be up top and will do anything, including hard work and practice, to get there. Tracer mains are inflexible, but have great knowledge in their own specialized work. They tend to be stubborn when it comes to opening up and are not comfortable playing off-meta.

Good Tracer: They won't hide that they are doing well. They'll announce their achievements and expect to be complimented. If your Tracer is getting a good game, help her to savor this moment. Support her with Zarya bubbles and Zen heals. Should she trip during her moment, the blow will be hard. It won't discourage her, but she would begin to try a little too hard to get back to peak.

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Bad Tracer: Tracers won't hide this either. They'll push the team to help them and they become stubborn and narrow-minded. They tend to be vocal complainers, but that is because they don't know what to do. Advising them will be difficult. It's difficult to deal with a bad Tracer, but there is one thing to keep in mind. Tracers are ambitious, though they don't like off-meta choices, convince them that a plan will work if they can pull it off. Almost dare them but not outright. Give them a challenge and praise them even if it's small. But don't spend too much time with praise. Say good job and move on.

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