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For the faction reward augment items of previously the same name, see Arcanum.

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Glyphs are spell and ability enhancements that add cosmetic effects or minor enhancements, created by scribes. Glyphs are color-coded to the class for which they are meant.

Glyphs can be removed any time outside of combat using


each or found as drops.

Death knight









Old types

Glyphs mostly give convenient or cosmetic improvements, such as changing the visual effect of a spell, or give an additional effect. However, some have more substantial effects, improving or altering important abilities in a number of ways.


Minor glyphs


The subject of this section was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 7.0.3.

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Major glyphs feature spell changes that may increase the damage, or another feature of the spell. Some of these glyphs have trade-offs, for example increasing direct damage but removing a DoT effect of the spell.

Major glyphs were removed in patch 7.0.3.

Prime glyphs



We”re not happy with how Prime glyphs have worked out, and are considering removing them. Don”t worry, scribes, if we do this sort of change, we”ll keep you heavily in mind; we don”t intend to “nerf” Inscription in any way with this potential change.

Applying glyphs

To apply a glyph, a player use the glyph, which automatically opens the spellbook. The ability or spell related to the glyph will light up, allowing the glyph to be applied. Once a glyph has been applied, it will show with a purple arrow in the upper right corner.

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Class glyphs lists

Lists of the glyphs available to each class can be found on their own pages:


 Paladin glyphs


 Priest glyphs


 Rogue glyphs


 Shaman glyphs


 Warlock glyphs


 Warrior glyphs


Initially, there would be additional glyphs known as “ancient glyphs”, added with the Path of the Titans system. When Path of the Titans was canceled, the glyph system was changed to three tiers – Major, Medium and Minor. In patch 4.0.1 this was changed to Prime, Major and Minor. Patch 5.0.4 removed Prime glyphs, and added many new Major and Minor glyphs.


Patch changes



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