Where Do I Turn In Scarabs Wow Classic Ruins Of Ahn'Qiraj (Aq20) Guide

i was going through ahn'qiraj for this acheiv and i got a heap of scarabs, like, gold, ivory, brinze, etc etc. and i don;t know what they're used for, i would vendor them but theres no vendor price and i dont want to delete them without knowing what they could have been used for. could someone tell me what to do with them? thanks.

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You can get quests from inside aq for aq gear. You turn those scarabs in with a few other things to compete the aforementioned quests. The moooore you know..

As someone who has just finished their Avenger's set and grabbed a Greatsword of Kalimdor, good luck with the grind. You can't just turn stuff in without having the appropriate Brood of Nozdormu rep level. You'll need honored for the full set which is quite a grind still seeing as you start off as hated.

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Shoulders and Boots: Neutral

Legs and Hear: Friendly

Chestpiece: Honored

Good luck if you decide to go for the the set! All mobs in AQ40 will give you BoN rep and bosses in AQ20 will do too. Additionally, bosses drop rep items that you can hand in for set amounts of rep. It is advised to save these for friendly though as trash stops giving rep at that point.

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Edit: I will learn to use bullets on here one day…

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