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Nightborne (Humanoid)
Alliance Horde
Kingdom of Suramar, The Nightfallen, Horde
Arluin (brother)
Silgryn (combat teacher)


from payment for his services, though other members of the Nightfallen resistance were unaware of his real motivation until his death.

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When Arluin sacrificed himself to allow the arcan”dor in Shal”Aran to grow into its final form and bear fruit<1>, his last wish, passed through Vanthir to his outsider ally, was to bring Arluelle a fruit of the arcan”dor. The adventurer found her in a shack under a bridge in Suramar City, in the nightfallen state, and told her the grave news of Arluin”s death.<2>

Later, after Elisande”s purge of the Waning Crescent, Arluelle came to Meredil, now restored as a healthy nightborne, mourning her brother”s grave. She expressed a wish to repay their kindness and avenge Arluin”s death by fighting for the resistance, and the adventurer introduced her to First Arcanist Thalyssra, who sent Arluelle to train as a spell-fencer under Silgryn.<3>

Still later, Arluelle joined Silgryn and the Duskwatch defector Victoire on their plot to free the citizens captured by Elisande”s Legion allies and sent to Felsoul Advance,<4> and then to defeat Thoramir and free Vanthir from jail.<5> As the elven armies of the Nightfallen, Alliance and Horde congregate outside the gates of the city at Meredil, Silgryn is shown training Arluelle to finesse her swordplay skills.

Following Elisande”s demise, she and the other Nightfallen relocated to the Nighthold.



GreetingsHello.Greetings.You have my attention.Hmm?PissedI”m not certain why you still require my attention.I have nothing to offer you.Withering was less tiresome than this.FarewellGood day.Understood.Goodbye.Farewell.


I have learned so much from Silgryn but there is still much I have yet to master.

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I hope it will be enough when the time comes to face Elisande.

Like this?What do you think?Am I doing this right?How about that?

Silgryn says: Control your breathing. Exhale forcefully with your thrust.Silgryn says: Loosen your grip on your blade. No need to clutch it so tightly.Silgryn says: Place your feet a little farther apart. You are just slightly off balance.Silgryn says: Relax your shoulders. You are limiting your mobility.

I see!I think I have it now.That feels much better.Understood, Silgryn.

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I have a feeling our city will be called upon soon. I plan to be ready when the time comes.If only my brother could see the city now…

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