where is the best place to find amethyst geodes in minecraft

After Mojang dropped the Minecraft Cave & Cliffs update Part 1, players have been able to access many new items and interesting features. Amethyst geodes are one of the new structures that have been introduced to the game in the Caves & Cliffs update.

Inside these geodes, players will be able to find exclusive blocks such as calcite and amethyst blocks. Amethyst shards are required to craft the newly added items spyglass and tinted glass. Players can obtain these shards from mining amethyst crystals present inside geodes.

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5 ways by which players can easily find Amethyst geodes in Minecraft

5) Ravines and Mineshafts

Amethyst geode overriding a mineshaft (Image via Minecraft)

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If the player gets lucky, they might encounter a ravine that has an exposed amethyst geode inside of it. Because geodes can override mineshafts in the game, players can often find geodes inside mineshafts. Even if a geode is not present inside the mineshaft, players still have a good chance of finding a slightly exposed one.

4) Caves

A standard cave in the game (Image via henrilechatnoir)

Along with mineshafts, geodes also override the caves present in Minecraft worlds. This may change with the arrival of the Caves & Cliffs update Part 2, but for now, exploring caves is one of the easiest ways of finding a geode. As geodes generate below Y level 70, players must look inside caves at that height.

3) Mining

Image via Minecraft

Amethyst geodes are not very rare, and each chunk has a 1/53 chance of generating a geode. As these geodes develop between Y level 0 and 70, players mining at that level have a good chance of finding one.

One of the best mining methods for finding a geode is strip mining, and players can get many other resources this way. Players can use any type of pickaxe to mine amethyst blocks.

2) Beach

Amethyst geode at the surface (Image via Reddit)

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Amethyst geodes are considered underground structures as they are found anywhere below Y level 70, but at times they generate on the surface. Beaches in Minecraft are perfect for finding exposed geodes on the surface as they usually are around the same height.

1) Oceans

Exposed geode in an ocean biome (Image via u/Kert65 on Reddit)

Oceans are one of the most common places to find exposed amethyst geodes as the average sea level is Y 63 in Minecraft. Unless the player is very unlucky, they can easily find geodes in the ocean by simply exploring them on a boat and mine the blocks they desire.

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