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30+ Coolest Homemade Minecraft Cakes

Obsessed with the world of 3D cubes? Then this collection of awesome homemade Minecraft cakes are for you! Take your creativity for building in the Minecraft world over to a decorating a cake. For the best ideas and coolest decorating techniques, check out the homemade cakes below.

Fondant is an obvious choice for creating a boxy shape. A small square cutter will be your best friend for you to achieve the pixelated look. It will give you the precise edges you are looking for but it is definitely time consuming. One decorator here cut out 616 little squares for her grandson’s cake!

For a quick and easy idea, try wafers for a blocky look. Also, brownies and Rice Krispie treats work very well too.

In addition, try popular ideas such as diamond Minecraft swords and creepers.

So whether you are making Minecraft cakes for a son, daughter, dad or even a valentine, find the coolest homemade cake inspiration here!

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Awesome Minecraft Birthday Cake

My son loves Minecraft, especially Stampycat. So a homemade Minecraft birthday cake was the only way to go for his birthday. We bought two store-made half sheet cakes and then cut off one end of both to turn it into a perfect square (because everything in Minecraft is square.) We also bought a ton of … Read more

Cool Minecraft Creeper DIY Cake


I made this Minecraft Creeper cake for my son's 10th birthday. I think you can use this method for any type of Minecraft face. I hope you find this useful… How to Make the Minecraft Creeper Cake Bake a 20x20cm (8″x8″) square cake. Then cool, cut off the top, turn it upside down onto a … Read more

Cool Minecraft Cake for Baby Boy


Well I guess for a complete and utter amateur I do alright. I browsed about 10,000 photos of Minecraft sword cakes when my eight year old son, Bubba, made sure to tell me he wanted the Diamond one. I saved about three varieties to my computer, made a list and then went shopping. I browsed … Read more

Awesome Minecraft Diamond Sword Birthday Cake


I made this cake for my 8 year old son who absolutely loves Minecraft. The cake was baked, left to cool and cut into the diamond sword shape. I looked at my sons minecraft diamond sword that is in one of the pictures as a guide for the shape and colors. The following day I … Read more

11th Birthday Minecraft Cake


My grandson was turning 11 and as most 11 year olds, he's so into Minecraft! I had made his sister Elsa and Anna cakes a couple months ago, and now he wanted a Minecraft cake. This should be much easier, or so I thought! Minecraft Cake Instructions I bought a 10″ Wilton square pan. I … Read more

Crazy for Minecraft Cake

For my Minecraft cake I made an 8 inch chocolate cake with homemade chocolate frosting and a 14 inch white cake with homemade buttercream frosting. All the decorations are homemade out of fondant and edible (with the exception of the seven white candles.). I made this cake for my Seven year old Minecraft loving Grandson's … Read more

Easiest Minecraft Cake Ever

Minecraft!?! What in the world? It's all the rage. I can't build a thing, but my kids and their friends are obsessed. So, really, I've only seen a handful of Minecraft cake ideas. Here's an easy one for you. The grandparents bought all the figurines as presents and voila! Done! How to Make an Easy … Read more

Easy Peasy Minecraft Block Cake

I started off this Minecraft block cake by making a dense chocolate cake in a rectangle cake pan. Once cooled, I cut out 2 by 2 inch squares and placed them in a random order on a cardboard cake plate. Some were stacked on top of each other and stabilized with wooden skewers. I then … Read more

Cool Homemade Minecraft Cake

For this Minecraft cake I baked a double mix of home made chocolate cake and baked it in a large roasting size tin. I made up some templates with paper cut outs to ensure I used the whole cake in the making. I made all the characters out of pliable fondant icing which I coloured … Read more

It-Has-It-All Minecraft Cake

My 8 year old son wanted a Minecraft cake, so I put this together. The water has a black licorice octopus under the blue jello “water” and colored M&M's represent the lapiz lazul, coal, redstone, and gold stuck into the “mined” layers. Steve did made sure to put some “torches” along the mine shaft, and … Read more

Coolest Minecraft Birthday Cake Idea

I have been making and decorating cakes for about 7 years for family and friends. If you give me a picture I can most likely make it. This cake was for my Grandsons 7th birthday. He loves anything Minecraft. This cake was a little challenging. It is an 8 inch four squared layered chocolate cake … Read more

Minecraft Birthday Cake for 10 Year Old Boy

This cake is made of 3 8 x8″ chocolate layers. Before baking the cake I worked on the figurines. I combined fondant and gum paste together, not too much fondant, just enough to keep the gum paste from getting too hard, to quickly. I used gels to colour the fondant. Then I made the characters … Read more

The Creeper Cake that Saved My Honor

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My son is turning 10. I hardly know how tall he is because 90% of the time, he sits at his computer playing Minecraft. When he stood up the last time, I discovered he looked a lot more like a teenager than a little kid. So I panicked because his first double-digit birthday was almost here, and I … Read more

Simply Minecraft Cake and Party

It started with tablet… with free Minecraft demo version. Than with tablet Minecraft Pocket edition, and than grand ma asked my son Nitzan: ” what do you want for birthday?” And the answer was:”Minecraft for PC!!!! So 1.7.5 version arrived in our home and in our lives. As many will understand, it is simply Minecraft. … Read more

Coolest Minecraft Birthday Cake

My grandson requested a “Minecraft” cake for his 7th birthday. When I told him I didn't know what that was or if I could do it, he said all you have to do is make some square and put grass on them!! Did a little research, looking for ideas. Cake was chocolate with chocolate icing, … Read more

Cool Homemade Minecraft Creeper Birthday Cake

This cake was for my son's 12th birthday. He and his friends love the game Minecraft and so I make a “Creeper” cake. It was pretty easy. I just baked two rectangular cakes. One I turned into a square for the head and cut two smaller squares from it to form the feet. The other … Read more

Coolest Minecraft Birthday Cake

If you have a 10 year old, chances are you've heard of MINECRAFT. However, finding birthday party decorations and/or favors is next to impossible. Most moms will try to come up with their version of MINECRAFT for their 10 year old and I am no exception. My son requested a Creeper cake and I searched … Read more

Coolest Minecraft Birthday Cake

My nephew always challenges my cake making skills. He asked for a Minecraft scene with all of his favorite characters. This site and all of the wonderful cakes I see always inspire me and give me great ideas. It's confusing to explain how I made the tiers but I'll give it a try. Sorry if … Read more

Coolest Minecraft Birthday Cake

A dear friend asked me if I could make a Minecraft birthday cake for her son who was turning 6. She said she had looked and asked many places but couldn't find any one who could make her such a cake. Not knowing what Minecraft was I set to researching it. I found some examples … Read more

Coolest Minecraft Diamond Ore Cake

This Minecraft Diamond Ore cake was ordered for an eight year old girl, she drew me a picture using MS paint and my son who is a Minecraft fan showed me Diamond Ore in Minecraft on the iPad. I baked two 20cm square vanilla cakes colored blue using a triple butter cake recipe, putting 1.5 batter … Read more

Nifty Tiered Minecraft Inspired Cake

I made this Minecraft inspired cake for my friend's son for his 6th birthday. I started with 2 9 x 13 cakes but my son poked his finger in one so I re baked it and ended up with 2 1/2 cakes. I cut and stacked 7 layers for the pavilion and stacked 4, 3 … Read more

Giant Minecraft Grass Block Cake

For my son's 11th birthday he of course wanted a “Minecraft” themed party. Insanely popular video game where you build worlds out of different “blocks”. There really is not any marketing associated with this game, so everything needs be done by “you”! I decided to go with the classic “grass block” cake. I made 4 … Read more

Cool Minecraft Creeper Cake

So St. Patrick's Day is this weekend, and this is green, right? (Can I just mention that I have a hard time liking a holiday whose only purpose I've seen is to have an excuse to pinch people?! So I read more about it this year, and concluded that the symbol should be a THREE … Read more

Coolest Minecraft Birthday Cake

I got a one day notice for my Sons's birthday cake for school. Firstly I thought I would start by making some of the figures. All going ok. Now for the cake. 1. Spray and line pan check. 2. Get ingredients cocoa check, self raising flour. Check, butter check, coffee check, eggs None. Dash to … Read more

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