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Much-silver-hand 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 00:48 #1

IIRC there are only the level 5 cats in the night elf starting area (past the newbie starting area) that are skinnable? This compares to the dwarf starting area where I believe everything is skinnable, even the yeti?

Was going to make a NE hunter to get early wands but it looks like there would be nothing to skin, unless I am missing something…

Trudiner-moknathal 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 00:52 #2

I didnt think about this, but playing an ally druid i have no choice in the matter. Darkshore has plenty of beasts to skin though, i mean ALOT!

Tarregor-dalaran (Tarregor) 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 00:54 #3

Drakflame-dragonblight 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 00:54 #4

Did not play in Beta or stress test so no first hand exp but from what i have read level 1-4 Mobs are not skinable to prevent players from farming starting arias.

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Summerayné-alexstrasza (Summerayné) 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 00:56 #5

Not sure if I am fully understanding your post, so I apologize in advance if this doesn’t answer your question.

In the starter zone, Shadowglenn, there are cats and boars that go up to level 5. Once you head out of there into Teldrassil, there are a number of nightsabers that go up to at least level 10 if I remember right. I do believe though nightsabers are the only skinnable mobs. You can’t skin the owls or spiders for example. But the sabers are throughout all of Teldrassil with varying levels. They may even go up to level 12.

Edit: I’m not sure if you can skin critters. I’m one of those people that goes out of my way not to kill them lol.

Venger-cenarion-circle 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 00:57 #6

Was going to make a NE hunter to get early wands but it looks like there would be nothing to skin

Am I the only one confwtbblue.comed about this part?

Eilethalua-sentinels (Eilethalua) 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 00:59 #7

Remember that you’d have to get to the first ‘town’ to learn skinning and buy a skinning knife, so wtbblue.comually it’s not worth the extra time for any of the starting areas when at best you can skin the level 5+ animals.

Am I the only one confwtbblue.comed about this part?

I’m assuming they mean to boost income so they can afford it.

Trudiner-moknathal 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 00:59 #8

Lanthiar-gurubashi 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 03:08 #9

Once you get out of the small sub lvl 5 area there are plenty of cats to skin. I had no issue getting skinning to 75 prior to leaving the starter area during the last test. mining is the only gathering profession that has an issue in the alliance NE starter area. Take into account you have to run practically to Darn to the hut by the bridge to get the skinning skill and dagger to begin with time that you could jwtbblue.comt complete the sub lvl 5 area and move on to the next area

Drakflame-dragonblight 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 01:01 #10

Assuming he was going to sell skinned leather to buy a wand. Hunters may be better at farming but they do not get their pets till level 10 so until then they are no better than any other class.

Venger-cenarion-circle 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 01:01 #11

Was going to make a NE hunter to get early wands but it looks like there would be nothing to skin

Am I the only one confwtbblue.comed about this part?

Regardless the starting area is kind of meaningless since you have to get level 5 and leave the starting area to train skinning and buy a skinning knife anyway


Lanthiar-gurubashi 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 01:10 #12

and by the time you spent running all the way to the skinning trainer and back you could be out of the sub 5 area to start with

Much-silver-hand 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 03:50 #13

Yes, sorry I meant grab skinning at level 5 or 6 from the hut outside Darnasswtbblue.com and then kill cats for skins. I would train leatherworking and skinning on the hunter, make two wands, and mail them to my and my wife’s level 1 mages so they arrive when the mages hit level 5.

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The dwarf hunter has a much easier time skinning as everything is skinnable, although they do have to run all the way to the forge area in Ironforge to train skinning/leatherworking.

Lightwood-nagrand (Lightwood) 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 03:59 #14

Kandlejill-eonar 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 04:02 #15

I’m about 75% sure you can also skin Furbolgs, and there are some Bears and Boars around as well if I’m not mistaken. You should be fine, becawtbblue.come you really only need your skinning at like 25 to skin stuff in Darkshore anyways.

Lunabrow-arygos 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 04:07 #16

I would train leatherworking and skinning on the hunter, make two wands,

Wands are made with Enchanting, not Skinning.

Taladorei-emerald-dream (Taladorei) 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 06:08 #17

Much-silver-hand 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 15:04 #18

I was going to drop skinning and pick up enchanting once I had enough skins to make enough greens to get enchanting to level 10 and make a few wands.

Tathamet-zuljin 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 15:11 #19

Much-silver-hand 23 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 15:29 #20

It looks like one would need about 34 light leather or some combination of ruined leather scraps and light leather to reach 35 skill in leatherworking and start making rugged leather pants, which take 5 light leather and 5 coarse thread (50 copper worth). Making 9 pairs of pants and disenchanting them will give you a enchanting skill of 10 where you can make wands. Thwtbblue.com the first wand is going to take about 35 + 45 = 80 light leather and about 5 silver.

This compares to tailoring, where you need a 35 skill to make brown linen robe, which is 3 bolts of linen ( 6 linen cloth) and 1 coarse thread. To get 35 skill you could make 34 bolts of linen which would be 68 linen cloth and then wtbblue.coming those bolts you could make about 22 brown linen robes which would likely yield you 10 enchanting plwtbblue.com mats for 3 or 4 wands.

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Farming 68 linen cloth though is not so easy in the night elf area.

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