which wow faction are you

We are all asked at one point or another. “What faction are you?” Your answer is often “I don”t know.” or you answer with one when you never even tried to the other. Well not anymore.

Đang xem: Which wow faction are you

The answers are simple and explain themselves. However, some may have a twist leading you towards one side rather than the other. Since I have played both sides I made this quiz based on what I observed from each faction. Good luck.

Created by: Samoonia

What is your age? Under 18 Years Old 18 to 24 Years Old 25 to 30 Years Old 31 to 40 Years Old 41 to 50 Years Old 51 to 60 Years Old Over 60 Years Old What is your gender? Male Female You are standing in Stranglethorn when you spot a member of the Horde as well as a member of the Alliance, both are on PvP. You? Attack the Alliance, he deserved it. Go for the Horde, he should be watching his back. Ignore them they are of no concern to you. Chuckle darkly and pit the two against each other. As you watch everything go down. You stand before King Varain Wrynn and Garrosh Hellscream. You have a choice to make. Who is your choice? King Varain of course! Gorrash. Glory to the horde! Neither I”m to good for them. Give each of them a skeptic look, unable to decide. You have just come from a war zone moments after the battle ended. Before you are two wounded soldiers one serves the Horde the other the Alliance. You? Tend to the Horde soldier. I can”t leave my brother behind. Finish off the Horde soldier before rushing to the aide of your fellow alliance. Rush forward to tend to both soldiers neither one deserves to die this way. Kill them both to end their suffering. During Warsong Gultch you are about to kill an opponent when suddenly they kneel before you and beg you to spare them. What is your response? “Stand up and die with honor you coward!” Smirk and with an evil gleam in your eyes kill them. No mercy for the weak. Spare them their life but make it clear they wont be so lucky next time. Pitty them and when they think you are about to walk away turn around and end their sorry life. You realize that no matter what you do it may come back to bite you later and stand there unsure of yourself. You are finally able tog et riding training and run off to the trainer. You? Get a wolf. Who wouldn”t want one? Head to Elwynn. A horse is what I want. Ignore the fact that you can train and continue on foot. Mounts are for chumps. You just leveled and need to do some massive training. You go to what city? Orgrimmar Stormwind Neither, I”ll train in Shattarath. you are in Elwynn Forest doing what? Hanging out in Goldshire with my fellow Alliance. Standing in the clearing on the outskirts of Goldshire taunting the Alliance to do something about it. Hanging out with my friends away from everyone else. Elwynn Forest? You are challenged to a duel. When you win you… Gloat about it. I”m undefeated. Congratulate them. They did their best. I don”t duel. What race appeals to you? Blood Elf Orc Human Dwarf And finally…

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Horde for Life! Alliance For Life! I don”t care.
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