who is the best minecraft builder in the world 2020

In a game like Minecraft limited only by the player's creativity, there are bound to be tons of impressive and even professional builders. Luckily, players can view the best of the builders on YouTube where they upload frequently.

Minecraft players have long debated over who is the best builder of all time. Hopefully this debate will be settled with this list of the five best Minecraft builders on YouTube.

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#5 – Minecraft Builder – Smallishbeans

A wonderful riverside town (Image via Smallishbeans on Twitter)

Coming in at number five is Smallishbeans. Looking at the image above, it is no wonder why he is on this list.

Smallishbeans has a massive following on YouTube, with a total subscriber count of 2.86 million. Smallishbeans is mostly known for his mega builds, as they are always extremely impressive.

Players can find a link to the Smallishbeans' YouTube channel here.

#4 – Minecraft Builder – EthosLab

One of Etho

Next on the list is EthosLab. This Minecraft builder is no stranger to mega builds as he was a commoner on the old MindCrack server.

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EthosLab has a current total subscriber count of 2.25 million, and usually amasses at least 200 thousand views on each video. EthosLab is currently a member of the Hermitcraft server, where all the best builders converge.

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#3 – Minecraft Builder – Keralis


The bronze medal for best Minecraft builder on YouTube goes to Keralis. Keralis is a great overall builder who is also a member of the Hermitcraft server.

He is mostly known for his “let's build” videos, however he is also very capable of creating mega builds as seen in the image above. With a total subscriber count of 2.32, Keralis certainly deserves third place.

#2 – Minecraft Builder – Magma

Magma showcasing his seat build (Image via Magma on YouTube)

Receiving the silver medal is Magma, who has exploded in popularity over the last two years.

Magma is mostly known for his quick interior design hacks, which have garnered hundreds of millions of views. Magma has a total subscriber count of 5.1 million, and usually receives millions of views for his videos.

Shown above is a great video from Magma which showcases beginner furniture designs in Minecraft.

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#1 – Minecraft Builder – Grian

A wonderful bridge between two mountains (Image via Grian on YouTube)

A familiar face for many, Grian wins the gold medal for best Minecraft builder on YouTube.

Grian is by far the most popular builder in Minecraft, and that is certainly for good reason. Grian has proved himself to be a capable member of the Hermitcraft server and has amassed an enormous following of 6.58 million subscribers.

Today, Grian wrapped up season seven of Hermitcraft with this amazing video, which showcases the Hermitcraft server in all of its glory.

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