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Redstone building is one of the most complicated features in Minecraft. It requires an extensive knowledge, patience, and trouble-shooting skills for when things don't go according to plan. Many Minecraft players fear redstone, however, there are many ways to ease into the art of redstone building.

There is no shortage of amazing redstone builders on YouTube, many of whom create redstone contraption tutorials so that beginners can learn the ropes. Minecraft players looking to increase their redstone knowledge should certainly check out the YouTubers listed below.

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Top 5 Minecraft YouTubers to watch to gain redstone skills

#5 – wattles

A semi-automatic wheat farm created by wattles (Image via wattles)

Wattles is a great introduction to redstone building in Minecraft.

While he provides a wide variety of entertaining content, he often uploads tutorials on how to create simple redstone contraptions. Even the most novice of redstone builders should be able to pull off most of the builds on his channel.

#4 – Blendigi


Blendigi is another great YouTuber to follow with the intention of learning how to use redstone.

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Blendigi posts a range of redstone tutorials from beginner to intermediate. Players looking for redstone as well as building inspiration are highly recommended to check out Blendigi's channel as it is full of amazing content.

#3 – ilmango


Players looking to take their redstone building to the next level are highly recommended to check out ilmango's channel.

While ilmango is mostly known for his advanced redstone builds, he also provides a Redstone Basics series that teaches beginners everything they need to know about redstone.

The Redstone Basics playlist can be viewed here.

#2 – Ethoslab


Ethoslab is one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers at the moment. This is partially due to his amazing redstone and building skills, and partially due to his affiliation with the Hermitcraft server.

Ethoslab used to post redstone tutorials years ago, but these days tends to focus more on Hermitcraft videos. Nevertheless, players can learn a lot in these Hermitcraft videos as Ethos usually explains the process behind each build.

#1 – Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo

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Anyone who watches Minecraft YouTubers could probably guess that Mumbo Jumbo would be at the top of this list.

Widely known as the King of Redstone, Mumbo Jumbo made his career off of redstone tutorials and showcases, which have garnered millions of views over the years.

Players looking to learn from Mumbo Jumbo should watch his “Redstone Builds Everyone Should Know” video, which breaks down some of the most important redstone contraptions available.

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