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Minecraft lovers can have fun watching the game even when they are away from their consoles and cannot play the game. Minecraft is streamed on YouTube by several different YouTubers for all Minecraft fans to enjoy.

YouTube is a great platform for players to watch videos about Minecraft on due to the large variety of videos available. Minecraft has grown considerably in size because of streamers producing content that is appealing to viewers.

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The Minecraft population has gotten much bigger over the past few years. Back in 2011, only 4 million copies of the game were sold. In 2015, 72 million copies were sold, and now, in 2021, over 200 million copies of Minecraft have been sold.

In this article, players will be informed about the 5 most popular youtubers that stream Minecraft.

Most popular Minecraft youtube streamers


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Technoblade is one of the most well-known YouTubers to stream Minecraft. This YouTuber has over 7.4 million subscribers and close to 330 videos uploaded to his channel.

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Technoblade is 21-years-old, and all of his videos are very entertaining. They could even be informational for people who do not know how to navigate the game, or have not seen other game modes.


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Ranboo is another very popular YouTuber who streams both Minecraft and other entertaining content for viewers to enjoy. Ranboo has 2.34 million subscribers on YouTube, and for his 1 million subs video, he baked a cake!

Ranboo is around 17-years-old, and he is very well known for the cool content he posts about Minecraft.


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Dream is definitely one of the most popular YouTubers that posts Minecraft content. Dream has 22.3 million subscribers on the platform.

Dream posts a lot of Minecraft content that players love to see. He has even mentioned one of the most popular theories in Minecraft, called the herobrine. Dream is 21-years-old.


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DanTDM is another very popular Minecraft YouTuber that players may have seen a lot on the internet. DanTDM has 25.2 million subscribers on YouTube and is very well known for his Minecraft content.

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DanTDM is 29-years-old, and he makes content on not just Minecraft, but other video games too.


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PopularMMOs is another popular Minecraft YouTuber that is well known for his content. PopularMMOs has 17.3 million subscribers on YouTube, and produces very entertaining Minecraft content!

PopularMMOs is 32-years of age, and players may find his videos exciting because of all the risky things he does.

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