Why Does Minecraft Freeze Every 5 Seconds Caused By Optifine

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since the 1.8 update my minecraft screen will freeze every 3 seconds for about 1/2 a second. this occurs everywhere in minecraft (single player, multiplayer, in the menus etc) I noticed that when I am in the menu the screen freezes after exactly the same amount of time (about every 2.8 seconds) which makes me think this is not lag. when the screen is not frozen my fps is good and minecraft is running smoothly, and when it is frozen everything still moves like animals or npc”s and my character (which really sucks in pvp) please help!




Same, i might have a solution:What worked for me was disabling Vsync and turning it back on again after a few seconds. But i also have a few worlds where these framedrops don”t happen at all, so it”s pretty strange.

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Illuminati confirmed!3 seconds = there is 3 corners of the eye.1/2 = remove the /, which gets you to 12, there is 12 layers underneath the eye!—-But in all seriousness, this sometimes happens to me. Try reinstalling Minecraft.

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I had this kind of mess-up. My trouble was figured out when I realized I was running 32-bit java on a 64-bit PC. I upgraded and it works like a charm now.As for the processor and graphics, you aren”t to expect super-pc performance. They aren”t new models.

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Ram wouldn”t correlate to his frame drop problem.What is your autosave time on? There should be an option in the menu that says how often the game will autosave itself. In game, go to options> other > autosave time and change it to 3 minutes. Having it at the default of 2 seconds, or at 20 seconds can cause lag spikes of death (What you are having). You can also set it to 30 minutes, but if your game crashes often you might not want to do that as you can loose some data in your worlds. The reason the 2s interval causes LSoD is because the game is forced to write a new save to the disk very often, slowing down the performance of the rest of your computer. I assume you are having this problem because it fits the profile of 2-3 seconds fine and then a second of lag, classic definition of LSoD.

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