Why Does Minecraft Take So Long To Load Ing Times? Latest Developer Update


Hey guys, I am having some trouble with my Launcher. It will sign me in but take at least 5-10 minutes to get to the Main Menu. I have tried deleting the .minecraft folder many times. Have cleared up space on my hard drive. What should I do?


You do not need to buy a new pc… this happened to me. its java 7. wait for an update or go back to java 6.

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I fixed it. The problem was my internet security. I had Norton but it ran out so I got Charter and I knew it was the problem but my mom was saying that it wasn”t so now she is being stubborn and won”t help me figure out why that caused it so now I have to get a free trial of Norton.
Set minecraft as an exception so Norton effects everything except ithttps://wtbblue.com/forums … p=2133715#
If anybody has any knowledge of what I should do please say so because without Minecraft I can”t make videos.
Since I have such a cruddy PC I use Optifine and I just used the new launcher and it was perfect. The only downside is that I can”t load mods into it so I will have so much lag. Please give your opinion if you think Mojang should allow mods be put into to future Minecraft.
I think it is caused by 1.5.2 update cause it loads textures in slowly…. But it could be something else. #blame1.5texturefilechange D
I don”t have $500 anyways. It was an example and my family and I are low on money. I have a very tight budget.

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I wish I could. I barely have any money and if I do get a computer it is going to be a custom made Gaming Pc with every top rated part needed but I am not going to waste money on a temporary computer that costs probably over $500 when I could be saving up.
srry to say but how old are u what u said here ^^^^^^^^^^^ sounds a bit dumb because one of the cheapest laptops would cost from 300-500 and a custom made gaming pc with every top rated part needed would probably cost around 10000 or more (possibly allot more)
Try Updating your Java or something. Also I recommend looking at “My MC is starting to go slow” on google.
No it is not. I run Optifine so no and I even turned it off to see if it was the problem. But I tried redownloading the launcher and it still didn”t work. The new launcher however works fine. Maybe this is the start of Mojang forcing everyone to get it. Just like Youtube forced the new channel design.

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A pretty bad one. But I have been using this for Minecraft since last year around this time and it stops working now. Maybe it will go away. I have had people that I talk to or at least used to and they had the same problem but I think they said it just went away
It may have become too resource-intensive for your computer now.My remedy for you: Buy a new computer.
What are the specs of your computer? You might not have a fast enough computer.And is your Minecraft laggy?
Are you low on RAM, or CPU? That could be the problem, but then Minecraft would probably slow down as well :/Have you restarted your computer to get your RAM cleared?

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