Why Does Minecraft Use So Much Cpu Usage Go To 99%? Minecraft Making My Cpu Usage Go To 99%

I”ve noticed for a while that Minecraft uses up a ridiculous amount of my CPU, anywhere between 90-100% when playing or even at the world select screen yet if I have Realplayer, Chrome(two tabs), and Utorrent running my CPU usage is only at 3-10%. Is there any way to fix Minecraft using up so much of my CPU? It keeps overheating and I know eventually I”ll have to replace the ******* if it goes.

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you could try installing this neat little mod i have found to help with performance issuesits called optifine, (google it)its a mod that gives you a whole lot more video settings to changehope this helps

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Same problem, still there even after 1.0.0.I”m even running optifine… Chrome open, but no tabs (I”m on a mac and use the standalone launcher) and activity monitor to check CPU usage… it”s pretty steady at 95-96%, all Minecraft on its own… :angry.gif: I keep it at normal draw distance with fast loading trees and fancy clouds, with limited framerate and all particle effects. It runs beautifully, an impeccable 35-40 fps, but makes my 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU it”s ***** while it does so. Amnesia: The Dark Descent didn”t use so much CPU, and I ran that at medium graphics with all effects turned on…I want modding API and better villager AI, but performance improvements are priority number one in my book.

Since Minecraft updated to 1.1 it”s had my i7-2600 <3.4GHz> and my GeForce GTX 560Ti running at a ridiculous percentage. and I have had this running duel-screen playing SC2 on the highest settings with loads of other crap open at the same time and GPU runs at like 30% … I know allot of this is because the game is written in Java which on its own would count for the CPU and GPU usage being higher but its never been this high before I wish Jeb would start working on getting it into C/C++ … or even getting someone else to do it. I love this game and I don”t want the updates to stop or the mods, but please stop maxing my processors !

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ok i purchased minecraft during the summer and by that time i had a cheap laptop that just made minecraft supper laggy and unplayable so i never really got to play and mess mods. recently i purchased a macbook pro 2012 13inch and minecraft runs great and playable but the thing is it starts overheating cause of it any suggestions i havent tried optifine i downgraded minecraft to 1.2.5 so i could out the battlegear mod. any help is acceptable thank you

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