Why Is Minecraft So Expensive (Comparison Inside), Why Is Minecraft So Expensive

Hi, just starting a thread here. I'm wondering why is Minecraft so expensive? For singleplayer and multiplayer, it's almost $27.00 USD. Feel free to express your opinions/ideas.

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Edit: Didn't know that this thread would get so many responses. Never played this game, only watched it, so don't really know much about it. If you guys say it's that good, I'll buy it.


Are there any reasons why you think it should be cheaper? In terms of cost per hour of gameplay, it's one of the cheapest forms of entertainment I've ever found.

I don't know what the US GB exchange rate is but over here games like battlefield 3 cost almost 3 times as much as Minecraft. I have spent at least 10 times longer playing mine-craft than BF3.

You should have bought it when it was cheaper. I paid about $15USD in Alpha and there's basically no end to the game, either. You can buy BF3 or whatever but those games invariably drag you toward an end. In Minecraft, you choose when it ends.

Well, most games run about 60$ in the US. Minecraft gives you just as much content as these games, hundreds of hours of gameplay, for almost a third of the price. So, why is Minecraft so expensive, you ask? It isn't.

27 is expensive for a game like this? I've played this game more than any other game. I'm 23 and was gaming since i was 2. I bought the game for myself and 3 others back when it was 15 bucks… And you're complaining about 27 bucks for literally endless gameplay? LOL that's funny.

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In the same time period I put 250 hours into CoD Black ops….and more into minecraft. And at the time I think it cost me £8. Thats the cheapest thing I can even think of doing 200 hour for under a tenner.

Just buy the damn game heh.

Honestly $30 is too much for minecraft imo. I got it for closer to $20 and I'm ok with that. Not sure why $10 makes a difference.

Worth the buy its a good game.

11 bux on http://www.g2play.net it's a newish smaller company but they give you a legit gift code.

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I think Minecraft just has an effect on people that makes them buy it; I went several months after hearing about Minecraft of refusing to buy it, and then eventually just caved in with everyone around me on the internet talking about it. I guess they're just maximizing profits.

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