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DOUBLE DISCLAIMER: Shut up about the god damn poll, already! I”ve told at least a dozen people that due to the lack of a “Question” and “answers” system, that i couldn”t make the options specific enough without them being too long. I can”t DELETE polls, I”ve attempted to do so several times, and please, just stop about the damn thing already.DISCLAIMER: Guys. Apparently this “Hate Microsoft” bandwagon is a thing. If you see my post, i don”t want you to just go make a post complaining about a thing because it”s the popular thing to do. If Microsoft”s changes don”t affect you at all, that”s fine- I don”t care. You don”t have to make a post hating on Microsoft because you want to get in on the popular trend. It”s not a trend, it”s opinions. The intent of this post was to start a discussion between some of the players who”ve been around since Alpha and Beta about the changes the game is going through and how Microsoft is affecting the game. Not to tell people that Microsoft”s handling of the game sucks as 100% fact. Because it”s not fact. How it affects YOU, is all your opinion.Let”s talk about how Microsoft handles Minecraft and Mojang. I don”t want to spend time on how the game used to be- That isn”t the point.

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I”m not here to discuss why Alpha or Beta was better. I”m here to discuss why Minecraft has rolled downhill faster than Sonic on crack.Ever since Mojang was sold to Microsoft, it just seems like they”ve been constantly exploiting Minecraft and Mojang as a whole. They”re likely ordering significantly more focus on the new Bedrock versions of Minecraft, as it allows for significantly less freedom and infinitely more chance to profit on this lack of moddability and customizability that these versions have. Oh, what”s that? Want mods? Well, we”re not interested in what you want, but if you give us your soul, we”ll give you some coins to spend on things that are not only WORSE than mods, but more expensive than mods! The content in the game has gotten worse too as it”s becoming significantly more fantastical and random. I like Glazed Terracotta but my only problem with it is that it doesn”t feel like Minecraft content. And ever since Beta 1.8, the focus on Survival has become significantly larger, rendering Building in it significantly more difficult. And to compensate, they add Creative mode, something that removes the fun of, well, playing the game, from the game. Part of the reason I”ve strayed away from Minecraft for so long is that i enjoyed just building. And because it became harder to do so with Survival, i started focusing on Creative, which bored me to death and back.And the social aspect of the game is just kinda meh now, too. Not only is the ratio of 12-year-olds to Above-12 astronomical (Is that how you use the big word, daddy?), the social experience has become extremely complex, with a crap-tonne of mini-games, server networks with just as much paid content as the Marketplace, so many different plugins you could barely count them on all hands in the world at this second, and so many people playing it isn”t even funny.Honestly, i think ever since Microsoft obtained Mojang, the game has been on a constant downhill spiral as Microsoft started changing things in the game in their bank”s favor. But it”s really all personal preference. What do you think about it? I have some basic answers in a poll but you can answer a bit more specifically, if you want, down below. To me though, the game is trash now, Microsoft has always been trash since the turn of the millennia (Thanks, Xbox) and i”m gonna get a lot of hate for this post.

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