Witcher 3 Warble Of A Smitten Knight Walkthrough And Best Choice

Important Items in this Area
Geralt of Rivia’s Armor
Ravix of Fourhorn’s Armor
Geralt of Rivia’s Crossbow
Ravix of Fourhorn’s Crossbow
Geralt of Rivia’s Saddle
Ravix of Fourhorn’s Saddle
Vivienne’s Notes
Geralt of Rivia’s Sword
Ravix of Fourhorn’s Sword

Entering the Tourney¶

Make your way back to the Tourney Grounds north of Beauclair, and once there travel to the eastern end of the grounds to find Guillaume. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about some maiden – nay, a lady! – whom Guillaume suspects of suffering from a curse. After telling his somewhat creepy, stalkery story (where you’ll gather the symptoms are that the woman is elusive and has an unfortunate tendency to make bird-like noises at odd times) he’ll make an obvious suggestion. Tourney participants shall gain an audience with this Vivienne, and since he’s all injured from his bouts with Golyat and the Shaelmaar, he’ll ask you to take his place. Haggle over price if you wish, or agree to take up the task out of sheer curiosity.

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Unfortunately, he’s not confident that a century or so of Witchering has adequately prepared his stand-in for the important task of prancing about at a tourney, so he’ll offer that you partake in some training in the three areas of competition: horsemanship, marksmanship and fencing. Taking part in the horsemanship trial, at the very least, comes highly recommended, as it does require a bit of finesse, and… well, frankly, the game hasn’t really required or encouraged mounted combat up until this point.

The horse-racing can throw a lot of people off, especially if you’re dead-set on getting the “A Knight to Remember” trophy/achievement, and much of this is due to the… questionable horse controls. The key to the horse race is to be patient, take your time, and to not try to do everything at any significant speed. The time lost on missing a target or running off the track will set you back more than simply cantering up to a target, taking care to aim, hitting your mark, then running off towards the next one. With the dummies, be sure to swing ahead of time to hit your target – swinging as you pass by will regularly result in a miss, and with the crossbow targets, just take your time and aim. The other two events – archery and “fencing” – aren’t much to talk about, as the archery only really requires patience, and the fencing will pit you against a spearman, against whom you can’t make use of bombs, oils, potions or signs.

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After you’re done training, Guillaume will direct you next to the Inscription Tent to make sure your scrolls are in order. When you arrive, talk to the Scribe and you’ll make your first major choice of the tournament, where you’ll be informed that, having been knighted twice, you can enter as either Geralt of Rivia, or as Ravix of Fourhorn. The choice you make will have some cosmetic effect on the gear your wear during the tournament, and on the rewards you receive, but they’re not major. There are, however, two different encounters that will occur during the tournament depending on which alias you choose. By picking to enter as Geralt of Rivia, you’ll get a chance to prove you possess the knightly virtue of Honor. Not a huge deal, either way, so make whatever choice you will. Once done you’ll get the opportunity to ask about the challenges, the tournament’s rewards, and finally, you can make a vow, although the choice here is irrelevant.

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For joining the tournament you’ll be given some proper knight’s armor, including either Ravix of Fourhorn’s Armor or Geralt of Rivia’s Armor and some Toussaint Knight’s Gauntlets, Toussaint Knight’s Boots and Toussaint Knight’s Trousers. None of this is above junk-tier gear, and fortunately you can switch out of it for superior, Witcher armor if you prefer.

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