world of warcraft failed to create pet battle

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Pet Battle during Brewfest, Dark Phoenix Hatchling vs. Snow Cub

Previewed at BlizzCon 2011, the Pet Battle System allows most formerly non-combat pets, also known as companions, to become battle pets and battle each other for bragging rights, leveling, and addition of abilities. While this feature was not released until the


Mists of Pandaria expansion was released, the expansion will not be required to use the pet battle system and will be available to all players.[1]

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1 Background 2 Information 2.1 In patch 5.3 3 Details 3.1 Limitations 3.2 NPCs 3.3 Pet Journal 4 Battle pets 4.1 Battle pet family overview 4.2 Note on battle pet attacks 4.3 Families 4.4 Strengths and Weaknesses 5 Battle pet abilities 5.1 Battle pet passive abilities 6 Pet Battle Statistics at a Glance 7 Battles 8 Leveling 8.1 Calculating experience 8.2 Experience table 8.3 Leveling tips 9 Old Beta info 9.1 Beta FAQ 9.2 Upcoming in Beta 10 Media 10.1 Images 10.2 Video 11 References 12 See also 13 External links

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From the official World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria website:[2]

For years, your faithful vanity pets have accompanied you on countless adventures. They”ve provided you with comfort, company, sometimes even with entertainment and hours of fun. Maybe you only have a handful of pets you really love, or maybe you have made it your quest to capture as many of them as you can. The fact remains, heroes love their little companions… and in Mists of Pandaria, they will take the spotlight in a brand-new way.



Mockup of a pet battle.

This system acts much like a secondary profession and is available to all players.[3]

Companions are now able to battle each other in a new turn-based combat system to level up and unlock new abilities. Pets are also able to encounter and battle pets in the wild to capture them for the player.[2] Players are able to fight with teams of pets up to 3 for each player at a time.[4] Customization, progress status, abilities and info are tracked in a new Pet Journal.[4]


Example master trainer UI.

You are also able to seek out Master Pet Tamer NPCs (were called master pet trainer) to learn new pet abilities from them if your pet is worthy and can defeat the trainer”s pet.[2]

Engaging your pet in pet battles will award it experience. Players may disable invites to pet battles.[5]

To get the highest percentage possible of participants, Blizzard has decided that players do not know the identity of players they are fighting against. This is to avoid trash-talking. Another way they are hoping to diminish the negativity involved in some aspects of PvP, they are also only recording wins.[6]

In patch 5.3

Battle pet hit accuracy was changed in Patch 5.3 so that the chance of pets dodging attacks and pets missing is reduced.[7]

A “hit chance” will be listed for all abilities and this value will update if the pet is affected by abilities that increase or reduce the chance to hit The base 5% chance to dodge will be removed. The chance to miss opponents of higher levels from 5% per level to 2% per level. The base 5% chance to gain a critical strike (for 1.5x damage) will remain and +/- 10% damage variance on all abilities. The following basic attacks have had their damage increased by 5-15% and accuracy reduced by 5-15%:

[Bow Shot]
[Creepy Chomp]

[Diseased Bite]
[Emerald Bite]
[Frost Breath]
[Frost Spit]
[Gauss Rifle]
[Holy Sword]
[Infected Claw]

[Jade Claw]
[Metal Fist]
[Onyx Bite]
[Shadow Shock]

[Shadow Slash]
[Stone Shot]
[Sulfuras Smash]
[Water Jet]


Some more details were released during the March 2012 press event:[8]

Battles A battle features a player and his or her 3 pets standing on each side of the screen, 1 pet move towards the middle as the active combatant. On each turn, you can use 1 of the active pet”s 3 abilities or swap to a different pet. Possibly 2 general abilities that you could use once per game. No record of your losses will be kept, only a running total of your victories. Pets Name your pets. Each pet has 6 possible abilities that you can unlock and pick 3 from for each fight. Pets have 3 stats : health, power, speed, which acts like an initiative roll, deciding who attacks first. Pets are leveled individually and you unlock pet slots by earning achievements in pet battles. Other You will not see other players” names or be able to chat during pet battles.


General limitations:

As of Beta build 15851, you should be able to learn at a level as low as 5.[9] In the brief time when it was semi-enabled prior to build 15581, you needed to be level 90 before you could engage in pet battles, since the pet battle trainers only allowed you to learn [Battle Pet Training] at level 90.[citation needed ]

Known limitations on pets that can be used for battle:

Trading pets:[10] Players can trade Blizzard Store pets excluding [ Guardian Cub] (because it”s not BoP and it”s unique). Collector”s Edition and other limited edition pets (like [ Mini Tyrael] or BlizzCon pets) will not be tradable, either. After build 15882, pets caught via pet battles in the wild will not be trade-able.[11] Pets excluded from battle system:[10] Currently the exceptions are pets with humanoid children models. They will not be included in pet battle system. Nor will the [ Guardian Cub] .


Battle Pet Trainers[12] These NPCs teach players Battle Pet Training, granting the ability to fight and capture pets. The training comes with a pet heal/rez spell and the ability to track pets in the world. These trainers can be found in all the racial start zones as well as Orgrimmar and Stormwind. The guards in the capitals can direct you to them as well. Note that this training is account-wide, so you only need to learn it on one character. Pet Battle Training requires level 5 and 100


. Master Pet Tamers[12] These are NPCs for the battle pet questline. You can fight these characters in a pet battle for increased XP, achievements and rewards. Defeating the Grand Master on each continent unlocks daily quests (via an achievement) for all of the other Tamers on that same continent.

Pet Journal

Main article: Pet Journal

You track all your battle pets via the Pet Journal and build teams to battle other player”s pet teams. This will be the main UI for the system when not in battle.

Details from the Beta FAQ:[12]

Players can have up to 1000 total pets and up to 3 versions of the same pet. Pets can be named, released, marked as favorite or put in a cage for trading/selling from the journal. Filters allow you to sort your collection by family, source, collected/not collected or favorites. Source info shows you where to obtain a pet and small lore blurb about it. Abilites loadouts for your pets are set in the journal. This becomes available on pets at level 10. View stats on your pets. Stats include Health, Speed, Power and Quality.

Additional details:

Total number of pets a player is allowed to have can be increased through achievements: 1500: Use [ Pocket Pet Portal] (reward from


 Battle on the Broken Isles )

Battle pets

Main article: Battle pet Account-Wide Pets[12] Pets (companions) are now account-wide. This means that any pet you have on one character will be shared with all of the others on your account. Level your pet Grunty to level 6 on character A? Log in character B and that level 6 Grunty will be there waiting for you. If you have multiple versions of the same pet, they will be merged into one. Blizzard will place any extras in your bags or mail them to you if you are out of space. Capturing [12] Main article: Pet capture Pets are caught via PvE battles in the world. Any pet you can fight, you can catch. In order to catch a pet, you need to get it below 35% health and use your trap ability. Traps upgrade via specific achievements, improving your chance to catch higher level pets. You can catch up to three of the same type of pet. Pet Quality[12] Pets that are captured in the world have varying levels of quality, just like an item would. The quality stat is randomly determined every time a pet spawns. Higher quality pets get a larger stat allotment each time you level. Be on the lookout for Rares! Pets on the AH[12] Most pets can be bought and sold from the AH. A new section is on the AH specifically for this. Pets that are sold on the AH retain their stats and levels. Pets that can”t be traded will display a warning in their info text as well as having the “Put in Cage” option disabled.

Battle pet family overview

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