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Dumb question. I boosted a hunter to level 100. I have no idea how to tame a pet. Can someone give me advice or point me to a good guide? Thanks!


Look in your spellbook for a “Pet utility” spell. In there is all of your abilities you use to manage your pets. When you come across a pet you would like, use the “tame beast” spell on it. Keep in mind you must maintain aggro for the entire channel, if somebody else attacks it and pulls aggro the spell will fail.

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one of the tricks is to put down a freeze trap in front of you. then hit tame pet and they walk into the trap. although nowadays I think the cast isn't so long your in danger. used to be like 20 seconds and on an elite monster you'd die very quickly.

If you have a pet out (you get them when you roll a new hunter nowadays) dismiss him. Look for a spell in your spell book called “Dismiss Pet.” Do NOT right click on the pet and select “Abandon” as this will release the pet for good and you can't get it back (unless you tame another one).

Make sure you have a free slot (you're allowed to “carry” 5 pets at a time and switch between them without visiting a Stable Master).

When you find a pet you like, simply click on it to target it and use your “Tame Beast” spell (again look in your spell book). It must be the same level or below your's to tame it. You can't tame a level 100 beast if you're level 90 or a level 101 beast if you're level 100. Also, you can only tame beasts. When you hover over a mob, it's type must be “beast.” You can't tame demons, critters, humanoids, etc.

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Use your Beast Lore spell to get information on a beast, like whether you can tame it.

If you're Survival spec (as of the newest patch) you can drop a Freezing Trap which will freeze it while you tame. Survival is the only spec with traps now, so if you're not Survival, don't worry about it. Otherwise, it will continue to attack you while you tame it. You have to keep aggro on it and not die to successfully tame it. Some races have things that can help. For instance, Trolls can use their Berserking spell to increase haste, which will speed up the casting time. Potions, buffs, food, etc can all help. Generally, you shouldn't have a problem taming though. If you are trying to tame a beast and it's doing too much damage to you, you can have a friend heal you, so long as they don't take aggro.

Some pets have special abilities that hinder taming, though they're not very common anymore. These are special beasts, like the spiders in the Molten Front. Some beast types (like Spirit Beasts and Devilsaurs) are “exotic beasts” and can only be tamed by Beast Master spec hunters. Mists of Pandora introduced some beasts that you have to track first and use your Flare spell to find. I don't recall any of these in Warlords, so it might not matter.

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Spirit beasts are rare spawns that are highly sought after by hunters, so they're usually camped pretty hard.

Finally, any info on pets, beasts, and everything else can all be found here:

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