World Of Warcraft Keybinding Guide, How To Keybind In Wow

I've been playing WoW for years now and I've always been someone who clicks his spells besides the easy reachable keys (1-6~ish). However I want to learn how to use keybinds but after so many years it's hard to get used to something else. Have you guys got any tips on how to start using keybinds? any personal experience? Thanks in advance.

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EDIT: Thanks for all the suggestions, which were amazing. I'll read them all once more tonight and then set up my keybinds. As for those interested, no I didn't turn using my keyboard, all is mouse controlled, although I just used to click my spells 🙂

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Before I get into this, do a couple of these things:

Unbind Blizzard “utility” keybinds. Get rid of binds like z, x, c, v, r, f, g

Change your movement keys. If you're still keyboard turning (A,D to change camera view) stop! Bind A and D to left/right strafe respectively. There is absolutely no reason to ever turn your camera with your keyboard.

Remove all buttons from your bars so you have a blank UI to start with.

Download some kind of addon that will allow you to very easily change your bindings at the toggle of a command. For this, I recommend something like ElvUI, but this is a full UI overhaul. Ignore this step if you're comfortable with Blizzard keybind UI.

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Now let's use druid as an example to describe just how few keybinds you're actually going to use. Druids have some of the most keybinds, probably second to shamans, so this will be at the medium to upper end of what your binds will look like.

My binds look something like this:

1 2 3 4 5 Q E R T F G Z X C V Shift modifiers for all, and ALT modifiers for 1-5

This means in total, I only have 15 keys to press, and 35 keybinds with modifiers. Additionally, if you have a mouse with more than just the normal 3-4 buttons, you can bind additional abilities to that.

I'm also a very visual person, so when I set up my bars, I set them up first, then bind them later. As an example to that, when I set up my main rotation, I have my dots, casts, and procs, all within 1-5. If I set up moonfire on C and wrath on shift-1, it would be weird to transition my fingers from one key to the next fluidly. This works for some people, but not for me, so this isn't something I can really give advice on, mostly just tell you to figure out what's comfortable for you.

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A quick overview of what I bind to what is as follows:

1-5 core rotation

Shift 1- 5 core rotation cooldowns (shift 1 is usually my “quick CD” bind on all toons. This means barkskin for druids, shamanistic rage, etc.)

ZXCV are all utility cooldowns, for example, Z is mass roar, X is blink, C is Cyclone (get it? ;D), V is my 75 talent tier (Ursol's or Bash)

F is my global interrupt bind for all toons

RTG are all utility: R is Rejuv, T is Faerie Fire, and G is healthstone/health tonic

I have a few more binds that I didn't list because I raid at a higher level that requires me to use almost all my abilities + some random items on a per-fight basis, so my keybinds might be a little more comprehensive. It's all about finding out what works. It took me quite some time to figure out what binds worked best for me, but once you find that perfect layout, you'll find that it's easy to spread across all your characters.

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