' World Of Warcraft Legion Leveling Guide : Here”S How To Get From Level 1

If you”re a fan of MMOs, chances are you”re busy leveling in World of Warcraft: Legion today. Released just hours ago, it has debuted to remarkable stability as millions of players have logged in to experience order halls, artifact weapons, and the many other features that the latest era of WoW has to offer.

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As someone who played many hours of Beta, and spent all night last night leveling, I have been asked by a few people on what the best way to level in Legion is. In this article I will share all the details as simply as possible. 

Getting Started

Before you head to Broken Isles make sure you have options for handling gliding and walking on water. If you aren”t a class with access to skills related to these types of mobility (i.e. Slow Fall), head to the auction house and purchase a few goblin gliders and waterwalking potions. The Broken Isles are difficult to navigate without these things, so come prepared.

In addition, ensure that you have two primary professions chosen. For the first time in WoW history, professions grant experience and interesting rewards, making them attractive even for players who traditionally dislike crafting.

Get Your Artifact

The first thing you”ll do in Legion is participate in a questline for an artifact weapon. Part of this will require you to commit to a certain spec for your class, or at least for the time being.

It is very important that you pick a spec that is something you enjoy playing and is effective at leveling. Currently, healers are challenging to level, which may mean that you will want to main a DPS spec until you hit level cap before switching. Whatever the case may be, prepare for a relatively challenging and story-oriented experience during your first hour.

Choose a Starting Zone

The Broken Isles have several zones, four of which are considered “leveling zones”. What”s very interesting about the system is that Blizzard has developed a scaling mechanic which effectively scales mobs to your level. Due to this, you are able to complete each of the four zones in any order of your liking.

The only problem is that choice is difficult for many players. There isn”t necessarily a best zone for leveling at first, as it”s much more of a selection of preference. For guidance on choosing your first zone to level in first, check out our guide.

Getting Experience

When it comes time to level as fast as you can, your best mode of progression is completing quests efficiently. In Legion kill experience is very low, and dungeons aren”t very rewarding. The result is that you will level fastest by simply staying on-track with quests, and completing zones.

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It would be worthwhile for you to find a leveling partner or two. Since quest experience is the main objective, and the rewarded experience from them doesn”t scale in a party, grouping up is highly desirable.

Zone Completion is Pivotal

Blizzard has designed the leveling zones to be a major element of progression in Legion. You will want to gain access to class quests as well as the factions that are in each of the four zones. To do this, you will be required to complete the zones, whether you”re level 105 or level 110.

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Zone completion will lead into big opportunities at level cap that you will not want to miss.

A Note On Dungeons

Dungeons aren”t worth running repeatedly, and you will level very slow if you stick to dungeons. However, there is a case where you will want to run them.


Upon completing one of the four leveling zones you will be granted a major quest which sends you into a dungeon. This quest is based around story, and is considered the end of a very long quest chain. As such, you will gain good gear from completing each of the four dungeon quests, as well as around 20% of a level”s worth of experience. In other words, you don”t want to miss these opportunities.

Don”t Forget About Your Order Hall

The Order Hall houses several important opportunities. For one, you have follower quests and exclusive missions available from the location. These not only feed into your personal progression through level cap, but are usually fun to participate in.

In addition, you will earn Artifact Power as you level in Legion. This can be spent to earn new Artifact Traits, which can only be spent at your Order Hall. These are a major component to increasing your character”s strength, so make sure you head back and spend your Artifact Power often.

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Mix It Up

Hitting level cap fast is exciting in its own way, but it isn”t much use if you find it unenjoyable and end up burned out on World of Warcraft. So, while you may end up focusing on acquiring experience, try to mix things up by heading back to cities often, and exploring zones for treasure. There are many rare enemies and treasure chests scattered around the Broken Isles, rewarding your efforts.

Also, while dual-speccing is partially discouraged by the new Artifact system, you will gain access to a second spec around level 102. If you aren”t having fun, try changing your spec to see what else your class has to offer. 

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