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This guide is made to help players of Molten get there Enchanting up. This will show you the mats you get form item levels on green and blue and Epic items. I have made this guide to help players that have read my other guide which can be found here Enchanting Guide 1-450. Please comment and rate on what you think of it.

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Disenchant is used to extract the magical elementals from items of (Green) all the way to (Epic) in this process it destroys the weapon or armor to give to you the magical essences within. SO DO NOT DISENCHANT ITEMS YOU WISH TO KEEP.
After you disenchant an item, you”ll receive a loot box and you can pick up the items you have created by disenchanting. You receive the Disenchant ability when you acquire enchanting.
The type and quantity of materials produced form disenchanting all depends on the items you are disenchanting. It all depends on the Item level and quality. The following general rules can be used:
Shards come from Blue equipment (97-100%), Epic equipment iLevel 55 or less (100%, 2-4x), and rarely from Green equipment (3-5%)
Crystals come from Epic equipment item Level 56+ (100%) and extremely rarely from Blue equipment (~0.5%)
A: This is do to the high rates that molten has on some realms. It is nothing to worry about it will just make it easier to level.

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Q: This guide is set up for a Blizz-like rate server. Is there any way you can make this guide for other realms to.
A: No I will not this guide can be used for any realm on Molten. The rates on the realms may be up. This guide will get you up to 450 on any of the Molten realms some faster then others.

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A: Yes I do it on this post above as I have said before but you can find it here right under with Scarablords Guides.
A:The mats are random generated as shown above. You just need to kill level appropriate mobs (or run dungeons) to get the items



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