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The following is how I prefer to level my Jewelcrafting. I've used this guide several times and seems to work well enough for myself. Shortly after finishing my Blacksmithing guide I started on this one but never found the time to get it posted. So here it is for your approval. As always I based this guide off of information gathered from using the updated level ranges for professions. I'm looking for feedback to see if there are any possible ways to smooth it out or if there are better options because of material costs.

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— Jewelcrafting 1 to 300 —

Jewelcrafting 1 to 300
Skill LevelItemMaterials
1 to 20 Delicate Copper Wire 40 Copper Bars
21 to 30 Rough Stone Statue 80 Rough Stone
31 to 50 Malachite Pendant/Tigerseye Band 20 Delicate Copper Wire20 Tigerseye/20 Malachite
51 to 70 Bronze Setting 40 Bronze Bar
71 to 80 Coarse Stone Statue 80 Coarse Stone
81 to 100 Gloom Band 40 Shadowgems20 Bronze Settings40 Delicate Copper Wire
101 to 110 Ring of Twilight Shadows 20 Shadowgems20 Bronze Bars
111 to 120 Heavy Stone Statue 80 Heavy Stone
121 to 130 Ring of Twilight Shadows 20 Shadowgems20 Bronze Bars
131 to 150 Pendant of the Agate Shield 20 Moss Agate20 Bronze Settings
151 to 170 Mithril Filigree 40 Mithril Bars
171 to 200 The Jade Eye 30 Jade60 Elemental Earth
201 to 210 Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing 10 Citrine20 Elemental Water20 Mithril Bars
211 to 220 Aquamarine Signet 30 Aquamarine40 Flask of Mojo
221 to 225 Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior 5 Aquamarine15 Mithril Filigree
226 to 235 Thorium Setting 10 Thorium Bars
236 to 260 Ruby Pendant of Fire 25 Star Rubies25 Thorium Settings
261 to 280 Simple Opal Ring 20 Large Opal20 Thorium Settings
281 to 285 Diamond Focus Ring 5 Azerothian Diamond5 Thorium Settings
286 to 290 Glowing Thorium Band 10 Azerothian Diamonds5 Thorium Settings
291 to 300 Emerald Lion Ring 20 Huge Emeralds10 Thorium Settings

This time around the guide is pretty self explanatory. The patterns are all trainable from the respective profession trainers and the few odd and end limited supply patterns you can either camp the vendor for or snatch them off the Auction House. Below I've listed the patterns you need to purchase from vendors and where to find them for your faction.

Alliance* Pendant of the Agate Shield – Neal Allen (Menethil Harbor – 10, 56)* The Jade Eye – Arred (Exodar – 45, 26) or Burbik Gearspanner (Ironforge – 46, 27)

Horde* Pendant of the Agate Shield – Jandia (Freewind Post – 46, 51)* The Jade Eye – Felicia Doan (Undercity – 64, 50) or Gelanthis (Silvermoon City – 90, 73)

— List of Materials —

– Mining –* 80 Rough Stone* 160 Copper Bars* 120 Bronze Bars (60 Copper Bars & 60 Tin Bars)* 80 Heavy Stone* 60 Mithril Bars* 65 Thorium Bars

– Mining and Prospecting –* 20 Malachite/Tigerseye* 80 Shadowgems* 20 Moss Agate* 30 Jade* 10 Citrine* 35 Aquamarine* 20 Large Opals* 25 Star Rubies* 20 Huge Emeralds* 15 Azerothian Diamonds

– Drop –* 60 Elemental Earth* 20 Elemental Water* 40 Flasks of Mojo

— Jewelcrafting 300 to 350 —

Jewelcrafting 300 to 350
Skill LevelItemMaterials
301 to 310 Random Socketable Gem See Below
311 to 320 Fel Iron Blood Ring/Golden Draenite Ring 20 Blood Garnet/20 Golden Draenite10 Fel Iron Bars
321 to 325 Random Socketable Gem See Below
326 to 335 Mercurial Adamantite 40 Adamantite Powder10 Primal Earth
336 to 350 Heavy Adamantite Ring 15 Adamantite Bars15 Mercurial Adamantite

As you enter this level of Jewelcrafting you're going to start making socketable gems more than you will be making jewelry. For leveling purposes you're going to be making mostly random gems until there are stable pieces of jewelry to provide solid points for leveling. If you haven't already noticed you're going to be using a lot of raw ore as a jewelcrafter, and this can be quite expensive if you do not have a gathering profession or a dedicated gatherer.

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— List of Materials —

– Mining and Prospecting-* 10 Fel Iron Bars* 15 Adamantite Bars* 200 Adamantite Ore (Prospect for Adamantite Powder)* 20 Blood Garnet and/or 20 Golden Draenite* 10 Primal Earth

NOTE: By prospecting the 200 Adamantite Ore this should give you a sufficient number of uncommon gems if you do not wish to waste time farming Fel Iron Ore for the start of this guide.

As you prospect you're going to receive random colored uncommon gems. You'll want to reserve certain gems during specific phases. From 300 to 310 Make sure to save up 10 Blood Garnet and/or Golden Draenite, you only need 20 total combined not 20 of each. After you finish making the rings from 311 to 320 ALL other gems are fair game to make from 321 to 325. When you make gems from 321 to 325 be sure you're making gems that you learned at 315 and not 305.

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Random Socketable Gems300 to 350
Skill LevelItemMaterials
300 Glowing Shadow Draenite Shadow Draenite
300 Inscribed Flame Spessarite Flame Spessarite
300 Radiant Deep Peridot Deep Peridot
300 Solid Azure Moonstone Azure Moonstone
305 Jagged Deep Peridot Deep Peridot
305 Luminous Flame Spessarite Flame Spessarite
305 Royal Shadow Draenite Shadow Draenite
305 Sparkling Azure Moonstone Azure Moonstone
315 Enduring Deep Peridot Deep Peridot
315 Glinting Flame Spessarite Flame Spessarite
315 Runed Blood Garnet Blood Garnet
315 Shifting Shadow Draenite Shadow Draenite
315 Stormy Azure Moonstone Azure Moonstone
315 Thick Golden Draenite Golden Draenite

— Jewelcrafting 350 to 450 —

Jewelcrafting 350 to 450
Skill LevelItemMaterials
350 to 375 Random Socketable Gem See Below
376 to 380 Bloodstone Band/Crystal Chalcedony Amulet/Crystal Citrine Necklace/Sun Rock Ring 10 Crystallized Earth5 Bloodstone/5 Chalcedony/5 Huge Citrine/5 Sun Crystal
381 to 390 Earthshadow Ring/Jade Ring of Slaying 10 Eternal Earth20 Shadow Crystal/20 Dark Jade
391 to 420 Stoneguard Band 60 Eternal Earth
421 to 450 Ring of Earthen Might 60 Titanium Bars60 Eternal Earth

For the 350 to 375 Random Socketable Gems there is a large number of gems in the Grand Master segment that I'm not going to try to list them here. Please consult wowhead or your crafting manual in game. Also of note we've gone back to making jewelry due to the availability of the materials. Thankfully in the Grand Master segment the gems are now orange skill level and offer solid points for skill leveling. By the time you've leveled past the random gems you should have enough Crystallized and Eternal Earth that it will expedite the leveling. Much like the Random Socketable Gems I've listed several options from 376 to 390 for jewelry, simply make the items that you have the gems available at that time. I would recommend you pick one specific type that you have an abundance of and reserve those for one of the pieces of jewelry for when you finish the random Socketable Gems segment.

— List of Materials —

– Mining and Prospecting –* 10 Crystallized Earth* 130 Eternal Earth* 60 Titanium Bars* 5 Bloodstone/Chalcedony/Huge Citrine/Sun Crystal* 20 Shadow Crystal/Dark Jade

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