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Mantid (Humanoid)
?? Boss
Alliance Horde
Heart of Fear
Deceased (lore), Killable (
Heart of Fear



Amber-Shaper Un”sok is the fifth boss of Heart of Fear. The last boss between the players and Grand Empress Shek”zeer provides an unorthodox battle which requires high raid awareness of both the boss” abilities and the abilities the players receive when changed into Mutated Constructs.


Adventure Guide

Eager to please his empress, Un”sok has produced several innovative concoctions. Yet this brilliant young alchemist”s proximity to the mantid queen has allowed the sha”s negative energies to take root in his mind. Now, Un”sok”s overwhelming fear of failure drives him to create increasingly deadlier weapons.

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Spells and abilities

Stage One: Worthy Test Subjects?


  Reshape Life — Un”sok unleashes a torrent of amber at a player, transforming the target into a misshapen mass of flowing amber that is hostile to players and monsters alike. Mutated Construct — While transformed, the player continuously expends Willpower to retain control over the twisted form, at the rate of 2 per second, beginning with a maximum of 100. When Willpower runs out, the player dies and the Mutated Construct continues to act, uncontrolled.

Stage Two: Un”sok”s Greatest Creation

When Un”sok reaches 70% remaining health, he calls forth a massive Amber Monstrosity to fight beside him. Un”sok continues to attack with his full arsenal of abilities from Stage One.

Amber Monstrosity — Un”sok formed this towering behemoth entirely of flowing amber, and it stands as a triumph of Un”sok”s research into creating life from the mantids” amber.

Stage Three: Un”sok Unleashed

Upon witnessing the destruction of his greatest creation, Un”sok channels power from the amber pools lining his chamber and prepares to make his final stand. Un”sok no longer uses Amber Scalpel, but now casts Reshape Life with greatly increased frequency.


^ Amber Scalpel damage per 0.25 sec: 10: 28,500-31,50010H: 47,500-52,500LFR: 19,000-21,00025: 28,500-31,50025H: 47,500-52,500^ Molten Amber damage per 1 sec: 10: 37,000-43,00010H: 74,000-86,000LFR: 20,812-24,18725: 37,000-43,00025H: 74,000-86,000^ Living Amber health: 10: 632,38810H: 758,866LFR: 843,18425: 2,107,69025H: 2,318,756^ Corrosive Aura damage per 2 sec: 10: 2,850-3,150LFR: 1,567-1,73225: 3,325-3,67525H: 2,850-3,150^ Burst damage: 10: 63-77K10H: 99-121KLFR: 41-50K25: 63-77K25H: 99-121K^ Burning Amber damage per 1 sec: 10: 41,625-48,37510H: 74-86KLFR: 22-25.8K25: 41,625-48,37525H: 74-86K^ Parasitic Growth damage per 2 sec: 10: 25K10H: 30KLFR: 12.5K25: 25K25H: 30K^ Mutated Construct Amber Explosion damage: 10: 175K10H: 250KLFR: 96.3K25: 175K25H: 250K^ Consume Amber max health increase: 10: 2.1MLFR: 2M25: 6.3M^ Amber Monstrosity health: 10: 65,420,52210H: 109,034,248LFR: 109,034,24825: 196,261,64825H: 327,102,752^ Amber Monstrosity Amber Explosion damage: 10: 219.4-230.6K10H: 487.5-512.5KLFR: 97.5-102.5K25: 219.4-230.6K25H: 487.5-512.5K^ Massive Stomp damage: 10: 139-161K10H: 185-215KLFR: 74-86K25: 139-161K25H: 185-215K^ Fling damage: 10: 125K10H: 175KLFR: 68.7K25: 125K25H: 175K^ Volatile Amber damage: 10: 41-48K10H: 60-70KLFR: 23-27K25: 41-48K25H: 60-70K


Stage 1

Let the tank charge in while the raid spreads out a few yards from each other. Un”sok will randomly target one player and begin channeling Amber Scalpel on it. The targeted player should kite it out of the raid and around the outside of the room. Several Living Amber oozes will spawn out of the beam trail and fixate on another random member of the raid. The living amber do not hit too hard, but should be killed fairly quickly to both lessen the healing load and spawn Burning Amber pools.

At the same time, Un”sok will cast Reshape Life on one of the tanks, turning that unit into a Mutated Construct. While converted, the player starts at 100% willpower and loses 2% every second. Should the player run out of willpower, it will die, and the construct will continue to attack the raid, uncontrolled. The construct has the following four controllable abilities, and one uncontrollable ability:

While converted, the player is hostile to both Un”sok and the rest of the raid. Thus, the raid can attack the construct and the player controlling the construct can attack the boss. The construct will additionally cast Amber Explosion, which can be interrupted with Struggle for Control. If not interrupted, the explosion will do a huge amount of damage to the rest of the raid. Breaking free can only be used while below 20% health, so the raid must damage the construct below 20% health before the controlling player runs out of willpower.

The tank turned into a Mutated Construct should spam Amber Strike on the boss to place the stacking debuff on the boss, and should aim to Break Free just before the co-tank is turned into a Mutated Construct, therefore enabling the new Mutated Construct to maintain the debuff. As the Mutated Construct is also hostile towards the raid, the Construct must be careful not to accidentally target one of the other raid members.

Consume Amber should not be used in this stage of the fight, as the Burning Amber pools should be kept for Stage 3 (where breaking players out of Constructs is not feasible). DPS should bring the Construct down to below 20% health as soon as possible to avoid such a situation from being necessary.

It should also be noted that the Mutated Construct can not act as a tank, as Un”sok”s Destroy Will ability will quickly drain a Construct of all willpower.

Stage 2

At 70% health, Un”sok will spawn the Amber Monstrosity (who needs to be quickly picked up by a tank) and put on his Amber Carapace, which absorbs 99% of all incoming damage. Un”sok keeps using all of his phase one abilities, but will instead target healers and DPS (instead of the tanks) for Reshape Life. The raid should continue to break out converted units while the Monstrosity is still alive. The Monstrosity has its own version of Amber Explosion, which does far more damage to the rest of the raid and can only be interrupted by a Construct”s Amber Strike ability.

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The Monstrosity”s Fling ability appears to additionally reset its target”s threat, thus necessitating a tank switch.

The Mutated Construct”s role is similar to that of Stage 1 (use Amber Strike on the target, interrupt Amber Explosion with Struggle for Control, and Break Free when a new player is about to be reshaped into a Construct), although the target will be the Amber Monstrosity. There is no point in targeting Un”sok due to the 99% damage reduction, although the tank not on the Monstrosity should keep him occupied.

The Amber Monstrosity”s Amber Explosion is significantly more damaging than the Mutated Construct”s Amber Explosion. If a conflict between the two arises (due to GCD clashes), the Mutated Construct must prioritise interrupting the Amber Monstrosity”s Amber Explosion with Amber Strike over the Construct”s own Amber Explosion. The Construct should keep an eye on boss timers to ensure that Amber Strike is off cooldown when the Amber Monstrosity starts casting Amber Explosion.

Mutated Constructs should still avoid using Consume Amber as much as possible. Amber Scalpel will continue to annoy the raid during this stage.

Stage 3

When the Amber Monstrosity dies, the encounter enters its final phase. Un”sok will stop using Amber Scalpel, but starts using Reshape Life much more frequently. This is a burn phase, and the raid cannot spare any time or damage to free converted players from the constructs. Converted players should focus their attention on keeping their willpower up with Consume Amber (which is the primary reason for avoiding use of Consume Amber previously, to avoid running out of Amber Pools) and spam Amber Strike on Un”sok, stacking the damage taken debuff on him. Pop to quickly free the tank trapped inside the Amber Construct. Once the tank is freed, any further Constructs should no longer be freed for the remainder of the encounter. DPS will need to prioritise killing Living Amber, then move to the Monstrosity; Constructs should spam the Monstrosity and eat the Amber Pools whenever low on willpower. If done correctly, there should be around three Constructs going into Phase 3.

Everyone needs to focus on the boss in Phase 3. Tanks will need to chain cooldowns when there is only one healer (or no healers!) remaining.

This strategy requires a long Phase 1 to provide enough Amber Pools for the subsequent phases, but will result in a short Phase 2 and Phase 3 due to the army of Constructs placing extremely high stacks of the debuff on their targets. The increased number of healers is required to mitigate bad RNG turning too many healers into Constructs too soon. It is expected that the Constructs do the bulk of the damage dealt in Phases 2 and 3; consequently, it is important that the all raid members know how to play as a Construct and can handle control/interrupts perfectly.



  (LFR · H)

DPS cloth belt

  (LFR · H)

Armor token

  (LFR · H)

Agility mail boots

  (LFR · H)

Spirit ring

  (LFR · H)

Agility leather boots

  (LFR · H)

Spirit dagger

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IntroAh, I see you have found a few of my experiments. Step closer, and you may witness the full glory of my work here.AggroYou must be powerful, to have come this far. Yes, yes… you will make worthy test subjects.Amber ScalpelWatch your step!Casting Reshape LifeFeel fortunate to receive this gift.Reshape LifeFrom death comes life, and from life, death….Phase 2You must think yourself mighty. How little you know. Behold now, my greatest creation!Phase 3Amber Monstrosity yells: Fa… ther….

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Amber-Shaper Un”sok yells: What have you done? No, this will not be how my work ends. I will not allow it!Kiiling a playerIs that all?Excellent!DeathForgive me, Empress….


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