Wow Ascension Leveling Guide, Project Ascension Level 60 Guide

Leveling 20+ | Solo Farm | Solo Exp Grind | AOE DPS | Low Tier HealerThis build is designed for leveling as you AoE grind while spamming Holy Nova for both healing and damaging enemies. Nearly identical to the Void Flamestrike build, the main difference is that this build is far easier to use for “new” players of Ascension or World of Warcraft.

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Using the Voidwalker to tank and group mobs, you would then spam Holy Nova which hits every target in the area and due to the mechanics of Holy Nova, this ability does not generate threat – making it easier for your Voidwalker to hold aggro. To increase the threat of your Voidwalker, make sure you have Thorns and Retribution Aura on him and wait a couple seconds before damaging the enemies. If you do happen to pull aggro, you can use Suffering or Sacrifice.
Since this is a leveling build, random enchants are not important, however if you want to preform the best, acquiring some random enchants will help.


For leveling, grinding, healing, or dealing damage, your primary stat is simply Intellect. You can allocate all stats into Intellect which will provide Spell Crit, Higher mana Pool, and Spell Power at higher levels, if you find your Voidwalker dying or struggling to stay alive (Which you shouldn”t), you can allocate a bit into Stamina. Priority Stats: Spell Power > Intellect > Crit Rating > Stamina
This build is not as gear dependant but the gear required is easily obtainable, simply needing equipment that has Intellect or Stamina while you allocating stats to either depending on what your lacking. Mail Armor while you are under level 40, then wear Plate while your over level 40 would be fine for the extra armor which then provides increased Armor to your Voidwalker. However, it is okay to wear Cloth if it provides better beneficial stats such as spell power as that would increase your damage and healing output.
Early levels, it doesnt matter what weapon you use. I would reccomend using a one-handed weapon that provide beneficial stats such as Intellect, Stamina, Crit Rating, or Spell Power and a shield which will provide armor to the Voidwalker. At level 28 you will be using Fire Stones for Spell Damage and Critical Rating, at this level you should Dual Wield weapons to double up on the bonuses.

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Starting at level 20 you practically have every ability to help get you started. At level 26, you will begin to kill mobs faster with the combination of Magma Totem and Fire Nova.


What makes this build super awesome is the double healing provided by Fel Synergy and Holy Nova, while Holy Nova heals your Voidwalker, the damage it deals also heal it a second time. Your choice of talents focuses on mana sustain with Clearcasting and Mana replenishment acquired at level 45, while stacking Critical chance and spell power conversion to increase your Holy Nova damage.


Thanks for taking an interest in the Holy Void build! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or feedback.

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At 35 get Dreamstale 1/3 instead of conviction (and keep the rest the same with 2/3 and 3/3 coming at 36 and 37) since Dreamstale is strictly better than conviction.

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