wow best class for void elf

If you were to roll an elf from each of the 4 choices for each class! Which one would you pick and why.

For me:

Hunter: Blood elf – cos of the farstriders, even tho we can roll high elf void elves they arent as established yet or as re-organised a group since Wc3 as the blood elf who have since face many more challenges with success and determination. Night elf female comes a very close second, the long vigil Darnasssian type is at home in the forest and with animals, shed win as a beast master, but the Farstrider will edge out as a marksman, it”s a tie for survivalist despite, though you may give the Nelf the edge cos of the Lo g vigil, which was a 10k year survival marathon, but then the blood elf did go through the gruelling exile without magical enhancements etc so, but blood elf wins because of the notoriety of theFarstrider

Mage: Nightborne. for me night elf comes a close second but only if it was a Highborne you were playing , void and blood elf come close 3rd/4th – tbh they all make great mages, but then a void elf mage is void empowered in addition to great arcane skills, it”s a tough one. By school, Fire would be blood elf, frost void/high elf, void void elf, arcane Nightborne/Highborne.

Warrior – Night elf female – and even they”re bit weak, wow elves arent the greatest warrior material, but sentinels can be pretty rad. The other faces dont come close

Priest:: Night elf female: Sisterhood of Elune amongst the Elves has the longest and most distinguished priestly tradition, most of the blood elf priests abandoned the light in after the scourge invasion and became Paladins, the high elf ones have no specific order, the void elves while close to shadow priests, have no trace of any religion or philosophy they employ, they”re more mage scholars and hunter/rogues than priests. Nightborne were disconnected from their Elunite order until the shield came down, it would take a while for that to gather steam if ever..This leaves night elves. While the post vigil order of Elune was dominated by their sentinel and martial wings, the casters still remained at the highest echelon and is still a women”s only elite group, as Tyrande shows, they are very very powerful casters, the most powerful elven priests I”ve seen, even thought they are few.

warlock Blood elf – of all the elven groups they”ve had the longest exposure and acceptance of the use of fel in a loving way. The Illidari are better as a half demon elf race whether half night elf or blood elf, but blizzard hasn”t quite allowed them to play as their own special brand of warlock, so for now it goes to blood elf. Void elf would be a close second cos half of the warlock kit is shadow magic anyway, maybe most of it, but again problem with void elves is they really havent delved into them fully and I doubt they will, we can on only intuine. Nightborne come 3rd, night elf last.

Rogue Very tough one here. All but nightborne seem very good. Night elves have the shadowmeld and the night shroud you in darkness thing, void elves have the rift walking, so they pip the blood elf. Wardens can be considered pseudo rogues anyway, and we do get a lot about night elf spies. I”m tempted to say night elf but the void does give what would already be great high elf or blood rogues an extra advantage.

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I would say night elf might just pip because of experience, but void elves are smaller, so. And dont forget the killer instinct on blood elves and void elves..

Monk Also tough, you could say night elves are philosophically closest to Monk ways, but that”s irrelvant! Its really down to the individual and night elves had no monk traditions. They”re all on a level playing field here. The question is who is most adaptable. Blood elves have the drive and tenacity to win this one, while night elves have the ingrained philosophy of balance to make being monks feel second nature. I just dont think night elves would generally choose being a monk over a druid tbh, so I think it would draw more blood elves wanting to satisfy their ancient elven connection to nature without picking up druidsm.. void elves I think would be more interested in the void or advancing monk studies with the void to be particularly good at this, though who”s to say. A high elf monk could be very good looking for new ways. Nightborne also have a thirst for the outdoors after being cooped up theyd be keen on being monks. But my pick is Blood elf, closely followed by a high elf void elf.

Death Knight Blood elf – they”d be more, and they”d take to it faster, altho dark rangers and Ravencrest show night elves can do the undead thing pretty formidably, and the thought of a void knight could be terrifying, but sadly it isn”t explored so we would be guessing, they could be the greatest or just out of sync, presumably it”s a fresh start when raised, but still, it is you afterall. Blood elf wins again here for me.

Demon Hunter: Night elf easy one, they invented the class, have been at it much longer, and sem to have the biggest axe to grìnd against the Legion

Druid Night elf again, they are the only ones that can be, but even if nightborne joined later and even void elves, it would still be night elf.

Paladin Blood elf atm, but if void elves could become a void knight void version, or the high elf customisation made accessible fully for Paladin, then I would vote Void elf/High elf, but for now, blood elf especially since many a returning to their original light roots with help from the events with the Naaru and Draenei etc.

Elves cant be shaman, but if they could, it would entirely depend on the story blizzard chose to make it happen for each group.. if its tied to the arcane, then I”d follow the mage order unless other factors played a role. If it was traditional shamanism I”d lean towards night elf because of the synergy of the philosophy of balance, followed by Nightborne who rely on this because of the Arcandor .

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