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Welcome to”s WoW Shadowlands Demon Hunter leveling guide! This WoW Demon Hunter leveling guide is dedicated to teaching beginners how to operate the Demon Hunter, masters of the holy light. We will cover the best Demon Hunter talent builds, ability usage, basic concepts, and gear tips to ensure you reach level 60 quickly.

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Leveling has received many changes in Shadowlands, and we have prepared a series of comprehensive guides. Whether you need the basics like experience and mounts, or advanced topics like speed leveling and addons, our detailed leveling guides have you covered! You can check them out in the links below:Shadowlands Leveling FAQShadowlands Leveling Changes & Level SquishChromie Time – How Shadowlands Leveling Works and Zone Expansion Level RangesOur class guides are always updated with the latest information based on theorycraft and in-game experience; make sure to check our changelog to this page, by clicking on View Changelog at the top of the page to see the latest updates. If Demon Hunter isn”t right for you, use our Guide Navigation menu to the right side of the page to find more class leveling guides for Shadowlands.

Important Changes to Leveling a Demon Hunter in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch

The Shadowlands Covenant system is not being released in pre-patch, so will not be covered here. Players will not have the opportunity to choose a Covenant until their first character reaches level 60 in Shadowlands.Demon Hunters now start at level 8, instead of starting relatively close to the level cap.There is a new tab on your spellbook between General and your talent specialization, simply titled “Demon Hunter”. These are abilities that are now shared by all Demon Hunters, regardless of what specialization they are in.New Demon Hunters will not begin in a default spec (Havoc). Until they are allowed to choose a spec at level 10, their abilities are drawn from the general Demon Hunter abilities available to all specializations.Experienced Demon Hunters will notice some talents have been reworked or rearranged, and may require re-acquiring some talents.Fury is now the shared resource for both Havoc and Vengeance Demon Hunters, with Pain no longer being used by Vengeance.

Best Demon Hunter Leveling Spec in Shadowlands

For a total beginner to the class, although each specialization has strengths and weaknesses, we recommend Havoc as the best Demon Hunter leveling spec. Demon Hunters have some of the best self-sustain and movement abilities in the game, being able to accumulate high quantities of Leech with talents like Demonic Appetite and Soul Rending, as well as having incredible movement speed with abilities like Fel Rush and Vengeful Retreat. Havoc Demon Hunters are considered one of the best solo leveling specializations in the game and even a total newcomer to the class won”t have too much of an issue learning the hopes on one.If you want a different experience on your Demon Hunter, you can try Vengeance as a leveling spec. Although Vengeance is a Demon Hunter tanking spec, it is still able to deal considerable damage with abilities like Soul Cleave, and enjoys a similar amount of movement as Havoc Demon Hunters. Because Vengeance is a tank specialization, it also means you can use it to quickly get into dungeons!

Choosing a Demon Hunter Specialization

Before level 10 you are just a Demon Hunter with a smattering of Demon Hunter abilities. When you reach level 10 you get to pick a specialization, Havoc or Vengeance. All Demon Hunter specializations can be leveled with, with similar rates of success.At level 10 you will select a specialization. You can swap between specializations by opening up the Specialization & Talents tab (or pressing N to open it quickly), choosing the specialization you like, and clicking the Activate button. There is no cost to swapping!

Choosing a Race for Your Demon Hunter in Shadowlands

Unlike other classes in the game, choosing a race is not a hard choice at all for a Demon Hunter, as they can only play with one race on both Alliance and Horde. Demon Hunters can choose from the following races (click on the race names to learn more about them!):AllianceHorde

Best Demon Hunter Leveling Talents in Shadowlands

In this section of the guide, we recommend talent selections for leveling in Shadowlands as a Demon Hunter. Please keep in mind that the selections we list below are merely suggestions, and if you want, you can select different talents that can better suit your gameplay style.

Suggested Havoc Demon Hunter Leveling Talents in Shadowlands

The talent selection below focuses on giving Havoc Demon Hunters the highest damage they can obtain while leveling, with some added sustainability in a few rows to ensure a smoother experience.Level 25 Talents:Level 30 Talents:Level 35 Talents:Level 40 Talents:Level 45 Talents:Level 50 Talents:

Suggested Vengeance Demon Hunter Leveling Talents in Shadowlands

The talent selection below focuses on increasing a Vengeance Demon Hunter”s damage while leveling solo.Level 25 Talents:Level 30 Talents:Level 35 Talents:Level 40 Talents:Level 45 Talents:Level 50 Talents:

Best Demon Hunter Leveling Rotation in Shadowlands

Both Demon Hunter specializations have really different playstyles due to the nature of serving different roles. In this section of the guide, we go over basic rotations for the two Demon Hunter specializations.Optimal Havoc Demon Hunter Ability Use While LevelingYou can pull mobs from a distance to you with Throw Glaive. You will want to start fights by using Demon”s Bite and Immolation Aura to generate Fury, and then using your Fury on your spender abilities. You have three spender abilities and for maximum damage, you will want to spend them in the following priority. Make sure you never overcap on Fury!Elite Mobs: For elite mobs, your rotation will continue as usual, but you will want to save Metamorphosis specifically to use against Elites if you know you”re engaging against one – As Metamorphosis has a very long cooldown and it greatly empowers your abilities, you want to have it available against elites. Use Blur and Darkness as necessary to maintain yourself healthy. If things go south, use Fel Rush and Vengeful Retreat to gain distance quickly and evade the mob.Lots of small mobs: Thankfully a good portion of the Havoc Demon Hunter”s rotation also deals AOE damage! Keep Immolation Aura active at all times and use Eye Beam and Blade Dance as they come up to quickly dispatch of small mobs. Chaos Nova is also a reliable way of dealing some AOE damage and stunning all mobs around you in the process, making killing lots of mobs together really easy.Dungeons: Make sure to help your team by stunning as many mobs as you can with Chaos Nova, removing dangerous effects with Consume Magic and interrupting spellcasts with Disrupt. Optimal Vengeance Ability Use While LevelingYou can pull mobs from a distance to you with Throw Glaive. Use Shear and Immolation Aura to start generating Fury and use it on Soul Cleave to deal damage. Fiery Brand can be used to deal damage to a mob and reduce damage done to yourself at the same time, as well as Sigil of Flame to also deal some damage.Elite Mobs: For elite mobs, your rotation will continue the same, but you will want to incorporate more defensive abilities like Demon Spikes if you”re taking significant damage from mobs. You will also want to save Metamorphosis if you know you”re engaging against an Elite mob, as it will greatly improve your survivability against them. If things are going south, use Sigil of Misery to disorient the mob and flee with Infernal Strike to gain distance and evade the mob.Lots of small mobs: A portion of a Vengeance Demon Hunter”s rotation is AOE, so keep abilities like Immolation Aura active and use Sigil of Flame often to deal damage to multiple mobs. Infernal Strike is your main movement ability, but it can also deal reliable damage to mobs around you, so don”t be afraid to use it offensively. Chaos Nova is also a reliable way of dealing some AOE damage and stunning all mobs around you in the process, making killing lots of mobs together really easy.Dungeons: In dungeons, your main function is to keep mobs from hitting your other party members, so do your best to prevent that from happening! Make sure you always have threat on mobs and use Torment to attract mobs do you. If you cannot control certain mobs very quickly, Chaos Nova and Sigil of Misery will buy you a few seconds to regain control of mobs. Sigil of Silence is an especially powerful control tool, as it will interrupt multiple spellcasts at once. Also be mindful of your healer”s mana – You, as the tank, will dictate the pacing of the run, so make sure you healer isn”t struggling too much to keep you and everyone else alive!

Demon Hunter Dungeon Leveling in Shadowlands

Currently, speed leveling through dungeon boosting is working on the Shadowlands pre-patch PTR. Dungeon boosting is having a max-level character pulling a low-level character through dungeons. This allows people to level a character from 10-50 in about 3 hours. This may be nerfed prior to release, so do not count on this technique being available unless it is still in place when the pre-patch goes live. In case this isn”t available, or you don”t have a max level character to do this for you, here are some general tips about dungeon leveling for Demon Hunters.Vengeance is the spec to go with for dungeon leveling. Dungeon queues are perpetually short of tanks, so you”ll find yourself getting a group nearly instantly, instead of having to wait 15 minutes (or longer) for a group as a DPS class. As a tank in a dungeon, your main job is to ensure mobs are hitting you and not your group, and because of this, you likely dictate the pace of the dungeon. Make sure you don”t pull too much to not strain yourself and watch your healer”s mana to ensure they don”t strain themselves!Havoc Demon Hunters are also be useful in a dungeon leveling setting, just be mindful that you will not be able to get into dungeons super fast due to being a DPS specialization. You will want to quest while waiting for dungeon queues to maximize your leveling time.

Best Weapons and Gear For Leveling a Demon Hunter in WoW Shadowlands

Demon Hunter Heirlooms in Shadowlands

Heirloom gear is a special gear category that scales with your current level, can be created on the fly with the Heirloom menu, and offers set bonuses when multiple heirloom pieces are worn. The heirloom set bonuses are listed below:2 Pieces: Rested experience consumed is reduced by 30%.3 Pieces: Increases your out-of-combat regeneration in the outdoors, normal dungeons and battlegrounds.

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5 Pieces: Gaining a level triggers Burst of Knowledge, dealing 6546 Holy damage to nearby enemies and granting you 40% $pri for 2 min. Defeating enemies extends this effect, up to an additional 2 min.6 Pieces: Rested experience consumed is reduced by 30%.As of Shadowlands, Heirlooms no longer grant increased experience gains when worn, and the only benefit from wearing them now comes from the fact that they scale with you and the set bonuses, so they are no longer considered that strong or necessary to wear.For more information on the state of heirlooms in Shadowlands, check our heirloom changes guide.Heirloom Changes in ShadowlandsHere is a list of recommended heirlooms for Demon Hunter players to level with:Although Heirlooms themselves are not as valuable as they once were, the Heirloom mount, Chauffeured Chopper, is still very valuable, as it is the only mount you can use until you can actually learn to mount at level 10. You can obtain this mount by completing the achievement Heirloom Hoarder.

Relics of the Past

Relics of the past are a new profession reagent added in Shadowlands. When crafting profession items and adding them to the craft, these items will have their item level and required level changed. All crafting professions can craft Relics of the Past, and these are the Relics of the Past that can be crafted:These are not very useful for leveling, as you should be outleveling items fairly quickly through your leveling experience in Shadowlands, but it can be a fun experience to level using items from the past.

Stat Weights while Leveling in Shadowlands

Stat Weights are usually not that important while leveling, as considering the nature of quest rewards, you will almost never be able to gather enough for a specific stat or keep a piece of gear for long enough for looking for stats to a worthy endeavor.In the case of leveling, a piece with higher item level than the one you have equipped will almost always be better, as pieces with higher item levels will always have more Agility and Stamina.

Best Demon Hunter Leveling Professions in Shadowlands

Although there are many professions to choose from, some can give a Demon Hunter a bit of an edge. A good profession combo as a Hunter is Skinning and Leatherworking – Skinning allows you to extract skins and furs from dead Beast mobs, and Leatherworking allows you to craft these skins and furs into wearable pieces of Leather gear. Leatherworking is especially important for Demon Hunters at maximum level, as you are able to craft the base pieces used for Level 60 Legendary Armor with the profession.Another interesting profession set for Demon Hunters is Herbalism and Alchemy, where you use the herbs collected from Herbalism and convert them into potions with Alchemy. Potions are always useful, be it to extract that extra bit of damage or to heal yourself in a bad situation.If you”re looking just to make money, you can pair Skinning with one of the other gathering professions, Mining or Herbalism. Enchanting is also an interesting money making profession, as it allows you to disenchant unwanted pieces of gear into reagents used to create powerful armor and weapon enchants.

Best Demon Hunter Questing Path in Shadowlands

In Shadowlands, players will go through a massive level squish, and with it, leveling paths are severely changed. The current level path for Shadowlands goes as follows:Levels 8-10: Mardum, the Shattered AbyssLevels 10-50: Battle for Azeroth zones or other expansion zones via Chromie TimeLevels 50-60: Shadowlands Storyline or Threads of FateThere is no innate advantage to level in whatever zones you”d like at levels 1 through 50, the only advantage being you will leave Exile”s Reach with a close to full set of Uncommon-quality armor. There are innate advantages to leveling in each expansion – Vanilla is more friendly for those who can”t fly, Wrath of the Lich King is very linear, Warlords of Draenor has a lot of treasures and bonus objectives, Legion has access to powerful Artifact weapons, etc.For levels 50-60, for your first time going through Shadowlands, you are forced to follow the order Bastion > Maldraxxus > Ardenweald > Revendreth, but for subsequent characters, you will be able to choose what zone order you want to go through.For more information about the Shadowlands leveling changes and level squish, check our guide:Shadowlands Leveling Changes & Level Squish

Threads of Fate Leveling

Threads of Fate is a new system added in the Shadowlands expansion. The Threads of Fate system allows you to level alts through completion of World Quests, Bonus Objectives, exploring the Shadowlands zones in a non-linear way. This system grants you an early start on Covenant progress and early access to bonuses such as Shadowlands reputations. For more information on the Threads of Fate system, check our guide!Threads of Fate – Alt Leveling in Shadowlands via Adventure Mode

Shadowlands Demon Hunter Leveling Gameplay Mechanics

Demon Hunters are a Leather based, melee class that uses Agility, that infuses themselves with the powers of the Burning Legion to fight fire against fire. Demon Hunters are masters of movement, with some of the most powerful and effective movement speed abilities in the game. A well-played Demon Hunter is unmatched in speed.

Using Fury on your Demon Hunter

Fury is the Demon Hunter”s primary resource. You generate Fury in combat with your basic abilities like Demon”s Bite and spend it on your advanced, stronger abilities like Chaos Strike. Fury is quickly generated in combat, and while out of combat, it slowly depletes down to 0. Demon Hunters can accumulate up to a maximum of 100 Fury if Vengeance, and 120 Fury if Havoc. On the default UI, Fury shows as the purple bar below your health bar.A Demon Hunter and their resource bar, Fury.

Demon Hunter Utility

Demon Hunters have plenty of mobility, thanks to Fel Rush/Infernal Strike, the ability to Double Jump and to spread their wings and Glide. Demon Hunters also have a short cooldown interrupt with Disrupt, they can imprison certain types of mobs with Imprison and stun in an area with Chaos Nova. They”re also the only class that brings a magic damage taken debuff in both specializations in the form of Chaos Brand, and have a strong raid cooldown with Darkness, giving allies a chance to avoid taking damage. Demon Hunters are also able to remove beneficial effects from enemies with Consume Magic.Vengeance has extra utility in the form of their sigils, with Sigil of Misery being an area disorienting effect, and Sigil of Silence working as an aoe interrupt.

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Shadowlands Demon Hunter Class Abilities

Starting Abilities

When you first start your Demon Hunter you will have access to several abilities at level 8: Through your starting zone experience in Mardum, the Shattered Abyss, you will also learn new abilities by completing quests:At level 10, you will have to choose a specialization. You can choose a specialization by pressing N, then selecting one specialization and click on Activate. You will then start learning spells that define the specialization you chose.

General Demon Hunter Class Abilities

These abilities can be used by all Demon Hunters, no matter their specializations:

Havoc Demon Hunter Class Abilities

These abilities can only be used by Demon Hunters in the Havoc specialization:

Vengeance Demon Hunter Class Abilities

These abilities can only be used by Demon Hunters in the Vengeance specialization:

Shadowlands Demon Hunter End-Game Guides

As you start getting closer to level 60, you may want to shift your focus from thinking about what is best for leveling your Demon Hunter to best max level options as far as best covenant options, best stats to pursue on your gear, talents, and so on. For that, we”ve prepared many different guides to guide you in your max level Demon Hunter journey!

Demon Hunter DPS Max Level Guides for Shadowlands

Havoc Demon Hunter Shadowlands Guide

Demon Hunter Tank Max Level Guides for Shadowlands

Vengeance Demon Hunter Shadowlands Guide

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