Wow Best Garrison Buildings For Gold Guide, Best Garrison Building Setup For Pve

Is there any guide of which buildings to build to maximize your gold income. I didn't find anything up to date. Thanks


Madseason's guide is still solid and I still run it to this day. 30 slot bags still sell great although, I just flip my own cards now to vendor instead of trying to sell. Still avgs to 100g a stack. I also don't bother with the barn and its upkeep, just defaulting to a trading post.

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It's a lot of gold to invest though at this late stage but, until new bags come out, its money making values won't change.

Old, but still valid; best guide there is (in my opinion):

They pretty much removed any passive gold from garrison missions, the only gold you can get is by selling some of the rare items.

i have 11 alts saving up GR and when the trading post has Raw Beast Hide for 16 GR, I clear out all my toons and make tons of Drums of Fury.

They sell very well hen the Mage Tower is up.

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My setup is this:

Core “team” of 6 with JC/BS, Tailor/Ench, LW/Skinning, Mining/Eng, Alch/Inscription, Herbalism/Inscription. All 6 of these have Alch/Inscription/Salvage Yard Small except the tailor who has tailor instead of alchemy.

Alts that all have Inscription/Tailoring. All of these alts have Tailor/Inscription/Salvage Yard small buildings. I could potentially make marginally more money by converting all of the salvage yards to alchemy but it would potentially make me not self sufficient.

Every single toon has Barracks and Dwarven Bunker as their level 3 buildings. Barracks are only one necessary. Bunker is just to gear all the toons up to 675. All that are 100 have the Inn and Trading Post. All that are 110 have the Barn instead of trading post, except 1 who is the primary and has the trading post solely for the AH. I am in the process of using getting all followers at least scavenger if not extreme scavenger as well.

I don't bother with the daily CDs for Eng, BS, JC, LW, or Ench. I do do them on Tailor, Scribe, and Alchemist. If I was into selling transmog, I would convert my BS and LW's salvage yards into those respective buildings and start doing those cooldowns again, but I don't like transmog market. All but 2 of them plant frostweed in the herb garden. Those 2 plant gorgrond flytrap. I don't bother with the mine as it doubles the time each garrison takes for not double the profit.

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Tailors turn their mats into bags. Scribes turn theirs into cards, which then get flipped when I need to catch up on my weekly TV shows. Catalysts get used to turn all sorcerous mats into earths. All leftover herbs get turned into pigments which are what I use my spirits on on my scribes. Non scribes buy savage bloods which I buy bags. All my extra resources get turned into either bunker work orders if not 675 on all followers, the trait reroll thing if they're not all scav/extreme scav, and finally barn work orders. Once I feel I have too many barn work orders, I go blow up wolves in Nagrand until I use them all up. I used to farm 42+ however many work orders I had, but it got extremely tedious every week. Now I just do once in a while.

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