Wow Best Server For Horde Realms, Newbie Guide/Picking A Server

Welcome to our list of top World of Warcraft Realms to play on in 2021. If you ever wondered which Realmyoushould choose if you are starting, or in case you want to move servers, then this guide is for you.

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Realm Rankings

We use algorithms and statistics to rate different servers by considering the number of active Raidingguilds, community healthiness, Auction House activity, Raid/PvP progress, popularity, etc. We coveredrealmsfrom Americas & Oceania, Europe, Taiwan and Korea regions.


If you are unsure what type of realm you should choose, than we recommend choosing the “Raiding”option, unless you want to focus specifically on either PvP (Player vs Player) or RP (RolePlaying) aspects of the game.

The realms are placed from the most recommended to less attractive (but still worth considering).

Americas & Oceania

Americas & Oceania: United States (English)
Alliance Raiding: Stormrage > Sargeras > Proudmoore > Dalaran > Kel’Thuzad
Horde Raiding: Area 52 > Illidan > Thrall > Tichondrius > Zul’jin > Mal’Ganis
Alliance PvP: Tichondrius > Sargeras > Stormrage > Kel’Thuzad > Proudmoore > Darkspear >MoonGuard
Horde PvP: Tichondrius > Illidan > Area 52 > Mal’Ganis > Bleeding Hollow > Sargeras >Zul’jin> Thrall
Alliance RP: Moon Guard > Emerald Dream > Wyrmrest Accord
Horde RP: Emerald Dream > Wyrmrest Accord
Americas & Oceania: Brazil (Portuguese)
Alliance Raiding: Nemesis > Goldrinn
Horde Raiding: Azralon > Goldrinn
Alliance PvP: Nemesis
Horde PvP: Azralon
RP: Blizzard has not provided us with any US Portuguese RP realms, so you can check outUSEnglish RP realms.
Americas & Oceania: Oceanic (Australia & New Zealand)
Alliance Raiding: Frostmourne > Nagrand
Horde Raiding: Barthilas > Nagrand
Alliance PvP: Frostmourne
Horde PvP: Barthilas
RP: No Oceanic RP servers exist, see US English RP servers instead.
Americas & Oceania: Latin America (Spanish)
Alliance Raiding: Quel’Thalas
Horde Raiding: Ragnaros
Alliance PvP: Ragnaros > Quel’Thalas
Horde PvP: Ragnaros
RP: There are no US Spanish RP realms, please consider US English RP realms.


Europe: English
Alliance Raiding: Ravencrest > Argent Dawn > Outland > Sylvanas
Horde Raiding: Draenor > Kazzak > Twisting Nether > Tarren Mill > Ragnaros > Stormscale
Alliance PvP: Ravencrest > Outland > Sylvanas > Silvermoon
Horde PvP: Kazzak > Tarren Mill > Stormscale > Twisting Nether > Draenor
Alliance RP: Argent Dawn
Horde RP: Argent Dawn
Europe: German
Alliance Raiding: Antonidas > Blackmoore > Aegwynn
Horde Raiding: Blackhand > Blackrock > Thrall > Blackmoore > Eredar
Alliance PvP: Aegwynn > Blackmoore > Antonidas
Horde PvP: Blackrock > Eredar > Blackmoore > Aegwynn > Blackhand > Thrall
Alliance RP: Die Aldor > Die Silberne Hand > Zirkel des Cenarius
Horde RP: Kult der Verdammten > Die Aldor > Die Nachtwache
Europe: Russian
Alliance Raiding: Gordunni (Гордунни) > Galakrond (Галакронд) > Azuregos (Азурегос) >Fordragon (Дракономор)
Horde Raiding: Howling Fjord (Ревущий фьорд) > Soulflayer (Свежеватель Душ) > Ashenvale(Ясеневый лес) > Galakrond (Галакронд)
Alliance PvP: Gordunni (Гордунни) > Blackscar (Черный Шрам) > Deathguard (Страж Смерти)
Horde PvP: Soulflayer (Свежеватель Душ) > Howling Fjord (Ревущий фьорд)
RP: Unfortunately, there are no Russian RP servers yet, so if you are interested inRoleplaying, your best option is the above-mentioned EU English RP server.

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Europe: French
Alliance Raiding: Dalaran > Hyjal > Elune
Horde Raiding: Hyjal > Ysondre > Archimonde
Alliance PvP: Archimonde > Dalaran
Horde PvP: Archimonde > Ysondre > Hyjal
Alliance RP: Kirin Tor > Confrérie du Thorium
Horde RP: Confrérie du Thorium
Europe: Spanish
Alliance Raiding: Dun Modr > Tyrande > Exodar
Horde Raiding: Sanguino > C’thun
Alliance PvP: Dun Modr
Horde PvP: Sanguino
RP: No Spanish RP realms available yet, please take a look at EU English RP serversabove.
Europe: Italian
Alliance Raiding: Well of Eternity (Pozzo dell”Eternità)
Horde Raiding: Nemesis
Alliance PvP: Nemesis > Well of Eternity (Pozzo dell”Eternità)
Horde PvP: Nemesis > Well of Eternity (Pozzo dell”Eternità)
RP: There are no Italian RP realms as of today, so you should try EU English RP realminstead.


Alliance Raiding: Hyjal (하이잘) > Burning Legion (불타는 군단)
Horde Raiding: Azshara (아즈샤라) > Hellscream (헬스크림)
Alliance PvP: Hyjal (하이잘)
Horde PvP: Azshara (아즈샤라)
RP: Korean RP servers are not a thing yet, maybe US or EU English RP servers could workforyou?


Alliance Raiding: Shadowmoon (暗影之月) > Whisperwind (語風) > Arygos (亞雷戈斯)
Horde Raiding: Sundown Marsh (日落沼澤) > Crystalpine Stinger (水晶之刺) > Wrathbringer (憤怒使者) >Arthas (阿薩斯)
Alliance PvP: Shadowmoon (暗影之月) > Whisperwind (語風)
Horde PvP: Sundown Marsh (日落沼澤) > Crystalpine Stinger (水晶之刺)
RP: No Taiwanese RP realms exist; you can try US or EU English RP realms instead.

You should decide for yourself by looking at our recommendations above.Ingeneral, you should choose the one that is placed first, unless you have friends thatarealready playing on some other server.

The best region is the one that is physically closest to you (so you canhave as little server delay as possible) and the one that uses language which you canunderstand.

Choose RP realms only if you intend to participate in WoW Role-playing.Ifyou are not sure, then go with Normal.

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