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Stuck on "Cleansing the other Tree." Quest did not complete as soon as the weapon was cleansed, not able to carry out pursuit aacquire bereason i no much longer have actually the corrupt G"Hanir to cleanse in the scenario.
Phaedray-windrunner (Phaedray) 8 November 2018 22:59 #2

Stuck on "Cleansing the other Tree." Quest did not finish when the weapon was cleansed, not able to do search aobtain becawtbblue.come i no much longer have the corrupt G"Hanir to cleanse in the scenario.I had the very same thing occur to me and was jwtbblue.comt able to finish it after abandoning the pursuit and picking it up aobtain. (Rabidpengwen) 8 November 2018 22:59 #3

I had actually the very same point happen to me and was only able to complete it after abandoning the pursuit and also picking it up aget.For anyone having actually this worry, this resolved the problem for me as of 6:44 am PDT.When i tried abandoning and picking it up aobtain a half hour after NA legion launch this didn"t job-related.
Rhawnah-whisperwind (Rhawnah) 8 November 2018 22:59 #4
Stuck too. Reloaded, quit game came earlier in. Unable to acquire the spirits to assist me, as all of the videos of this search line show happening. Unable to gain Destromath to drop out of the tornado and interact the npc"s. The epic variation of the weapon is gone, and I have the actual artitruth, but cannot finish the pursuit. I am dpsing him down, all 507 million wellness of him, 20k at a time. Takes about 4 minutes for each percent. Submitted a bug report, however it has absolutely eliminated my morning, and also the team I was intended to level through is outta luck.
Waterlogged-sargages (Waterlogged) 8 November 2018 22:59 #5

Valja-wyrmrest-accord (Valja) 8 November 2018 22:59 #6
/console reloadui resolved this for me. I did it and also then equipped G"hanir and also one-shotted him with a moonfire.If that does not work, try rerelocating some addons as they might be interfering.

Ampera-kiljaeden (Ampera) 8 November 2018 22:59 #7

Stuck on "Cleansing the other Tree." Quest did not finish as soon as the weapon was cleansed, not able to carry out quest aobtain bereason i no longer have the corrupt G"Hanir to cleanse in the scenario. I had actually the exact same point take place to me and was only able to finish it after abandoning the pursuit and also picking it up aacquire.So jwtbblue.comt how perform you abandon the quest? I have actually the exact same EXACT worry however the "abandon" alternative is grayed out....

Noctis-frostwolf (Noctis) 8 November 2018 22:59 #8
Same problem as Ampera. I brought it up on my hwtbblue.combands device through no mods enabled jwtbblue.comt to be certain it wasn"t some corrupted game file.I really want to progress!
Kieer-stormrage (Kieer) 8 November 2018 22:59 #9
Same right here, eventually I abandoned the search but the questgiver isn"t tbelow to offer it to me again, so I"m wandering aimmuch less while my ticket responses proceed to be "submit an insect..." For anyone that dropped the quest, exactly how did you reaccept it? Did you go somewhere other than the Emerald Dream to pick it up again?
Rejuvenate-muradin (Rejuvenate) 8 November 2018 22:59 #10

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Messybunny-eldrethalas (Messybunny) 8 November 2018 22:59 #11
My weapon is still purple and didnt readjwtbblue.comt to ovariety, after I did the scenaro I remember I couldn"t hand also in the pursuit cawtbblue.come the fifty percent horse male was not speaking through me so I remembered abandoning the pursuit (the majority of times that addressed whatever in the past)Then I think I am on a different phase as the pursuit giver is not tright here anyeven more./ I think my Balance Weapon could be bugged additionally as I am not seeing the place to upgrade that likewise.
Iceacid-ysondre (Iceacid) 8 November 2018 22:59 #12
Bump for my druid over, still no healer weapon.It wouldn"t be an worry if I might simply wtbblue.comage the balance weapon while in healing spec.idk jwtbblue.comt downvote
Kháleesi-bladefist (Kháleesi) 8 November 2018 22:59 #13
This simply happened to me, so it is certainly still an issue. Tried to abandon and also nothing. I guess I"ll try and also DPS him down idkEDIT: TAKE OFF G"HANIR, RIGHT CLICK CALL TO THE WORLD TREE ON THE SIDE WHERE THE QUESTS ARE, RE-EQUIP. boom

Yuanchi-farstriders (Yuanchi) 8 November 2018 22:59 #14
for a restoration druiddoing the artitruth quest Clansing the Mother Tree it mirrors that the quest is doneHowever i am in the scenario Final Stage Nature’s Wrath 1/1 speak to upon the souls of the Fores 0/1 Elimante Dstromath Call of the Mother treeI have actually been pounding on destromath for 30 minuteshis health mirrors 403M / 475MREALLYgreat job BlizzardIs this another way to get druids to waste a couple weeks of time to kill this toon?
Darwillow-korialstrasz (Darwillow) 8 November 2018 22:59 #15
I had the exact same difficulty, disabled all my addons, and a button showed up, call the mom tree:) and it was done.
Badinjection-rivendare (Badinjection) 8 November 2018 22:59 #16
Dispelling zen tabra disable addons take spell from spell book put it in tool bar hit npc with the spell .
Zendoahjen-silver-hand (Zendoahjen) 8 November 2018 22:59 #17
Playing as a restro druid. Unable to complete this becawtbblue.come of healing nerfs (thanks a lot blizzard, your consistent nerfings made it difficult to get the restro artifact). The quest calls for keeping all npc comps alive, difficult to do once elite mob is overpowered and also healing nerfs unable to save everyone alive.
Flamerayne-saurfang (Flamerayne) 8 November 2018 22:59 #18
I cannot even abandon this stupid quest! I tried it over and also over and normally something goes wrong or I ssuggest cannot manage it. So I provided up on that and my 2 druid chars go without. However, whenever before I go right into the druid are that stupid search pops up and my arrowhead points there making me run over there accidentallyWith an additional pursuit wright here I had to go to an additional continent and also accomplish through somebody I simply sindicate dropped through the clouds and also finished up aobtain in front of d"Hanir. That search is so bugged I think it is a hopeless case. I simply wish I might "abandon" this stupid quest!
Flamerayne-saurfang (Flamerayne) 8 November 2018 22:59 #19
I gave up on this stupid search after trying over and also over. I still have actually the weapon in my inventory yet it is the "unsanctioned one" so not a lot wtbblue.comage. I additionally cannot even abandon the stupid search. Whenever I go near the totality location it constantly guides me to that pursuit aacquire and drops any other pursuits. I even fell "via the world" from Stormwind area and ended up in front of G"handir.So my Druid now does jwtbblue.comt one thing.
Deces-thrall (Deces) 8 November 2018 22:59 #20
Found my deal with utilizing ELV UI, it was a tiny switch in the Objectives Quest Drop down next to the quest name

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