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In private vanilla servers i used KoS addon (Vanas KoS) and it was really great for keeping track of people while you level up. I really hope it will work in Classic. Does any of you plan to use such an addon?

The cool part is the addon has both bad and good list. When you mark people for either list it allows you to put a brief description of the reason. So 10 lvls later when you meet the dirty little rogue that 1-shot you while fighting against 2 mobs you can have your revenge.. ๐Ÿ™‚ or the opposite – 20 lvl later you might meet someone from opposite faction that helped you do a hard quest/saved your life, you can greet him or even better, might help him in return.

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There was a thread like this the other day – the addon “Spy” has kill on sight lists and such, can add your own custom reasons or choose from a lot of premade ones. You'd probably have to add friendly ones to KoS too, but with a custom reason obviously.

Oh wow. Will totally use this. I remember on a pserver I became friends with a warrior on the opposite faction just through emotes. Turns out his lvl 60 friends were murdering everything in tarren mill. Camping there for hours. They always let me live and hang out with them cause I respected them and vice versa. I swear I was somehow the only person they let live too for several days. This is a great idea for phase one. If I have a good experience with someone on the opposite faction I log into alliance and message them โ€œthanks!โ€ It can go a long way even on a PvP server. However in the second phase I think a lot of this will be nonexistent, as people will have no mercy in going for their ranks.

From your icons i see you are a fellow druid like me ๐Ÿ™‚ (i'm going alliance though). I really like to play the class role into the game. Mindless killing of all living things seems just ain't the druid way – you gotta maintain the balance. I consider all druids allies and the whole idea of the Cenarion Circle looks awesome to me. I wish there was a player-driven druid only guild allied to each other on both sides.

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If its red, its dead.

And if an encounter was truly special enough to be remembered in either a positive or negative way, then you dont need any notes.

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You got me worong. I like those interactions, i just never attack people first, without a reason. The whole red-is-dead logic breaks the idea for player interaction that is so loved in classic. I prefer to have reason and emotion to kill/camp somebody ๐Ÿ™‚ otherwise it's like just killing another mob..

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